Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Minnie Mr. and the Little Mrs. Go On Date

Introducing the Minnie Mr. and the Little Mrs.

Harrison's Nanni always called him "Min" or "The Minnie Mister" and the nickname has really stuck. I guess if Harrison is the Minnie Mr., then his bestfriend and full time sidekick, Emma, is the Little Mrs.

Harrison and I were thrilled to be able to spend an entire day with Emma at our house! We picked Emma up in the morning at took her for breakfast at IHOP (Harrison's pick). Emma said she had never been to IHOP so Harrison was happy to show her the ropes.

The first picture is the happy couple waiting for our table. An important thing to note is that Emma carried her own pocketbook with lipstick (Chapstick). This is Emma applying her lipstick so she would look lovely when the table was ready.

Making a crayon fort is a good distraction for the little couple who loved pressing their faces up against the glass and looking at the other people dining.
Emma is a much better eater than Harrison so I encouraged her to order the strawberry and banana pancake instead of the chocolate chip one Harrison eats. Harrison was a bit disturbed they put cherries on the eyes so he immediately pulled them off for Emma to eat.

After breakfast (which it was very difficult to convince Emma not to pick up the tab since she had her own money) we went to Pa's house, as Emma calls it. There, Harrison immediately decided that a nice drive with the Little Mrs. was in order.

Look Emma, I can drive without hands and without looking! "Help, Mr. Mike!"

Riding off into the sunset and gazing into each other's eyes.

Emma and Harrison and get ready to go on a hunt in the woods. Emma insisted on carrying flashlights in case it got dark on the walk.

The hikers pose for a quick picture.

A very very tired Emma at the end of the day taking a walk with Pa on the long driveway!

We had so much fun. Thanks Emma for having such a fun day with us!