Saturday, December 25, 2010

View from our living room window

The night lights are great on the Pearl River. I will try to get more soon.

Our Christmas Baby

Tonight I got my first kiss. Totally starting to fall for this little guy. He is such baby in so many ways and at first I was not prepared for that, but now I love that snugglie little diaper butt in footie jammies! The pictures are Parker playing with his blocks that Santa brought to China.

Playing on Christmas

Piper posing with the Barbie that Santa delivered to China for her.

Harrison posing with my "grand children." I swear we have a whole suitcase of stuffed animals.

Harrison wanted a fashion shoot with his pals.

And then so did Piper.
In the elevator - always a constant fight for button pushing.

Unfortunately, today did not really feel like Christmas. What is usually a lovely tropical island - Shamian Island - had a cold front hit and its a low of 40 high of 60 and rain. The town is also
hopping with locals. Its like New Year's Eve and they come into the hotel for pictures. But, we did have some great new friends over to the room today to play and the kids really loved it.

Daddy and Parker Michael on Christmas Night

Parker is starting to warm up to each of us a little more each day. Here he is with his Daddy on the way back to the room after Christmas jammie pictures.

Christmas Jammie Pictures

Below is Harrison's imitation of Parker's face when he is upset.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Frosty The Snowman

Our hotel has done a great job with getting everything ready for Christmas. There is a huge tree in the lobby and a gingerbread house you can walk into and shop. By the restaurant there is also a real frozen Frosty The Snowman. We love to rub our hands around him and try to melt him a little. The best part - every night at 6:30 the staff puts on choir robes and signs Christmas carols on the steps. We have great video of that!
We leave this afternoon for Guangzhou. Next stop - The White Swan. Very excited for their famous breakfast!

Hanging out in our room

These were from this morning, which is our last day in Henan. Both of my kids were born in Henan and I can guarantee this will be our last time here for quite a long time. Its sad because only in the last 24 hours have we really been able to leave our room, so we did not even get to enjoy it.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What Harrison and I saw on our walk

We took a walk yesterday in the bitter cold - the temp has really dropped. Harrison and I saw some great things, but without a camera I could only use my IPhone. The first one is a guy on a bike with a bazillion things on it. The second one was really beautiful. It was a peddle wagon going down a culvert. Would have made a great picture with my Nikon - bad bad Nikon. The last one is the bike guy again moving along.

Walmart in China with 3 kids

We went to Pizza Hut for lunch and decided to "run into" the local Wallie for a sippy cup. It was our first Wallie trip with 3 kids. We got the cup, but Parker doesn't know how to use it. The kids love the flat escalators.

We woke up to playing

Thank You God!

We woke up to smiles and laughs. I feel the tide turning. He is now in bed playing - yes, playing which is something that he was unable to bring himself to do. YIPPEE!!!

Evidence of Happy Boy - if even for a moment

This is it --- the magic picture above. A smile was actually on his face and there was some laughter. This is from our walk in the park. Then, he noticed me taking a picture and I got this look below.

The Best Medicine

These two little people kept us sane for 2 long and hard days. While we wished they were not here to have to experience the trauma, I know Mike and I would not have made it without them.

First Bottle with BaBa

After the initial start, he let Mike hold him. However, he hasn't been real fond of bottles since then. The report from his foster mom states that he takes 3 bottles a day. We are lucky to get in one.

Playing in the room

Learning to play with Harrison and Piper. Small steps...

Parker Packing to Leave

This was the first night that Parker was with us - Dec 20th. In between his screaming hysterics, he decided to pack to go home. After he got everything in his backpack, he went to the front door and screamed for Ma to come get him. He had to sleep that first night with his backpack on. The next night, he was holding it and tonight it is across the room and he has not looked for it. Progress!