Friday, February 6, 2009

Goodbye Zhengzhou

We leave the Henan province today. I am up early trying to get us ready. So sorry that I missed a post yesterday, but have a pretty bad cold and stayed in bed all day. We have a 2 hour flight to our next stop and I will check back in there.
For those of you that have asked, Piper's birthday is July 5, 2006. I brought some 24 months that fit except for in the arms, which are too short. The legs are also a bit long. She has also worn some 2T dresses that fit well and are a little long. I think she just has a big torso and head and small legs. Her legs are also very muscular.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Our Walk To The Park

Thursday's Mode of Travel

The Lanterns

In addition to the firecrackers constantly going off for Chinese New Year, the towns are decorated. Zhengzhou has lovely red lanters hung everywhere. At night they are lit and if I had a flash, I would take pictures because they are so pretty. I would love 100 to hang throughout our woods.

Crowne Plaza Zhengzhou

This is the hotel we are staying at. Decent rooms and fancy lobby, but not much excitement. The second picture is a tree in the lobby. They are also growing grass in a small square planter under it. It looks a bit odd.

Thursday Night Room Fun

After our very long walk to the park, we enjoyed some play time in the room. We are skipping the museum tour tomorrow to sleep in and rest. I am hopeful that some down time will get rid of my bug that is brewing.

Movie Time with Brother

This is how we spent our evening. It is so cute to see them together. Mike was exhausted today and fell asleep around 8. I have started to get sick and have opened up my antibiotics. I hope they kick in soon. Harrison looks exhausted and is not eating much and we are all a bit run down. I am really looking forward to heading to clearer air.

Sad Piper

Piper is having a very difficult time overcoming her fear of Mike. She has probably been around very few men and she is just terrified to be held, pushed, dressed, fed, etc. from Mike. I can only imagine how hard this is for Mike. He has been trying his best, but I know that his feelings are hurt and he is ready for a change. Harrison and I left today just to go to the lobby for ice cream and she cried the entire time. These were the pictures from when we got back. She looked so cute that I just had to get some photos.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Final Moment with Jenny Nai Nai

Our visit to Eagles Wings was rushed and chaotic. We literally were herded up the stairs, entered, had about 5 minutes and were told to leave by our guide. As you can imagine, that did not go over very well. I went into Jenny's office to unload everything and told the guide I would be there in a moment. Fortunately we were able to do everything quickly.

We are so incredibly blessed that Piper was at Philip Hayden and Eagles Wings. She was so loved at taken care of at both foster homes. Our trip to Eagles Wings concerned us since Piper had such a hard time when we met. However, once we walked in I knew we were ok. Piper hugged and kissed her nannies and Jenny, but she wanted her Mommy. When I put her down to love on her bestie, You Peng, she pushed him out of the way. I just kept on loving on him. He is so precious and loves her so much. As soon as he saw her, she told her that she had on new shoes. It was priceless and heartbreaking to have to leave these children behind. You Peng was on our agency's list and no one chose him as their son. That makes saying goodbye even harder.
We were all amazed at how well Piper did. We were the last ones to leave and as we left, Piper said Goodbye in Chinese and I love you. She waived to Jenny Nai Nai and her friends as she was carried out with me. The whole time we were there she was talking and singing in my ear. I wish I knew what she was saying, but I think she was telling her Mommy all about her home and friends.

This is her last kiss with Nai Nai. Piper left for Jenny Nai Nai a necklace engraved with "Loving You To The Moon and Back, Qiu Han." We hope that Jenny likes it.
P.S. Piper loves looking at pictures on the blog of Jenny. She touches the screen, smiles and says "Nai Nai" over and over. It is obvious how much she loves her.

Piper and Rivers

The girls play so cute in the hallway. I missed a bunch of their play, but ran out with the broken camera to try to get this. It is a bit fuzzy, but is their tea party. Rivers is drinking and Piper has her back to the camera. They are both edible they are so cute!

The Real Angel Sleeping

Apparently the first night was just to be super cute and special for Mommy and Daddy. This is the real way that Piper sleeps. Just like her brother---kicking Mom all through the night! I think I am taking the "boy" bed tonight with my Minnie Mr. and making Daddy sleep with Miss Piper -- at least Harrison's kicks hit me in the legs.

Splish Splash

Our kids actually took a bath together. Neither one was overly thrilled and Piper refused to look up for a picture. Harrison's pasty skin that he got from his Mommy sure looks extra pasty next to Piper's nice dark skin. We love seeing the contrast between the two kids --- both are so incredibly gorgeous and yet both are so vastly different. We are so incredibly lucky to be able to have experienced the gift of parenthood both ways.

Our Sleepy Girl

After all the excitement of returning back to Eagles Wings, sweet Piper fell asleep on the way home. Mike made me check her breathing a dozen times. He is such an overprotective Daddy! She has the best little kissy lips. When you say "I love you" she kisses you. Piper is still not comfortable with her Daddy so he has not gotten any love. I think today will be the day that they have a breakthrough!

Jiao zou City

The above picture is the outside of the orphanage administration building. Eagles Wings is on the 5th floor. The bottom photo shows the fountain outside the building. I have pictures of Piper riding around that fountain on a motorbike.

The above picture is the City's television antenna and the below picture is from their City park. Both are quite impressive structures.

I really want to get one of these bikes for home.

Jiao zou City is where we believe Piper is from. That is where the hospital is that she was left at and that is where her sponsor orphanage and Eagles Wings is. Unfortunately we did not have a picturesque day as the pollution was really bad. Despite that, there is beauty in this city. The farm fields are beautiful and I love the little rows of brick housing with the housing that is almost falling down. Mike thinks I am crazy that I would just love to walk down those alleyways and explore. Piper's biological parents are probably either from this dilapidated housing area or from the countryside. They have no idea that their little girl had to wait this long for a loving family or that she even has one. For how happy we are and how we celebrate, Mike and I cannot even imagine the heartbreak in their lives.

Street Scenes From Our Ride

Mike took a bunch of street photos yesterday on our ride to the orphanage. The pollution was really bad yesterday and we are all suffering because of it. Mike is a bit obsessed with the traffic situation and vehicles. I think I must have 100 photos of the traffic. I am sure that will make a riviting scrapbook section :)