Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Jiao zou City

The above picture is the outside of the orphanage administration building. Eagles Wings is on the 5th floor. The bottom photo shows the fountain outside the building. I have pictures of Piper riding around that fountain on a motorbike.

The above picture is the City's television antenna and the below picture is from their City park. Both are quite impressive structures.

I really want to get one of these bikes for home.

Jiao zou City is where we believe Piper is from. That is where the hospital is that she was left at and that is where her sponsor orphanage and Eagles Wings is. Unfortunately we did not have a picturesque day as the pollution was really bad. Despite that, there is beauty in this city. The farm fields are beautiful and I love the little rows of brick housing with the housing that is almost falling down. Mike thinks I am crazy that I would just love to walk down those alleyways and explore. Piper's biological parents are probably either from this dilapidated housing area or from the countryside. They have no idea that their little girl had to wait this long for a loving family or that she even has one. For how happy we are and how we celebrate, Mike and I cannot even imagine the heartbreak in their lives.

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