Monday, April 27, 2009

Harrison's Wish

This past Sunday we enjoyed a great day at Zoo Atlanta. It was a breezy and beautiful day and I have great pictures to post soon.

While we were there, Harrison, Piper and Ava wanted to put coins in the donation tub that spins the coins around the funnel. As they did this, Harrison made a wish. He wished for....

"another Mommy."

I immediately felt the breath suck out of me and I froze for a second. When I felt like I could speak, I asked him what he meant. He said...

"I need another Mommy to come to be with me when you go to work and then when you come home, that other Mommy can leave and you can come back."

I have ALWAYS had tremendous personal guilt for working. I know everyone has their opinion, but regardless of how successful my career is or has been, I have always wanted to be home with the kids. Unfortunately, financially it is not a wise decision for our family and so I am a working mom. I had a stay at home mom and I know how great that is. I do not know what it feels like to be shuffled around every day, but my kids do and Harrison has always had a tough time with it. If I did not have enough guilt already, I sure do now after hearing my Minnie Man's wish. He was not being mean or hurtful, just matter of fact.

So, I am hitting the lotto tonight which is my current answer to this dilemma.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Aquarium with Meili

Last weekend we were so excited to meet some friends that were visiting from out of town at the Aquarium. It was so good to see everyone. Poor Piper was a bit exhausted with missing nap time, but all in all everyone did ok. Piper and Meili didn't realize fuss that much with each other, but Meili was hilarious and every time someone would say China, she would get all excited and say she is from China. So cute!