Friday, October 24, 2008

LOAs Are Coming

Please, please, please, please have our LOA in the batch!

Update 7 p.m. No Call, No News, No LOA for us. Only one person from our agency has posted that they received LOA.

Update on LOAs (11 am). They have hit Spain. One person in the US has announced that they have received it at the agency. Two in US have announced that their agency confirmed it will arrive today. I know that those families are flying high.

Donations for Eagles Wings! Thanks so much for the donations! We are over 25% counting the direct donation one of my co-workers gave. This is going to mean the WORLD to these kids. I received an email from Jenny Nai Nai this morning about how grateful they are. When she emailed me an older girl was helping Piper with her angel dollie that prays. Isn't that so amazing? It is these older girls and boys that we want so much to make a difference for.

Sorry for no blog updates. I have relatives in from out of town this week.