Friday, June 27, 2008

Boy, Yesterday Was Tough

Yesterday families from my agency announced the referrals that they received off of the paper list sent to my agency a couple of weeks ago. The kids are all adorable, but there is this one that really jumped out at me. Why...Because she fit our profile except for age. When a family fills out their MCC they put an age range. This little one was 3 months older than our age range so she went to a family 6 months behind us in the MCC line. She is adorable and I am sure that her family is over the moon. Selfishly, it was just so hard to look at her pictures because we too would have been over the moon with her referral. Hubbs got upset and wanted to know why the agency wouldn't have called us about her, but its really our fault for setting the age limit as we did. We can only hope that this is all designed to bring us to the child that we were meant to parent.
Congratulations to those families that can finally announce their referrals! Oh and if anyone is looking for an older girl, our agency has a STUNNING 12 year old girl that I would love to see get a home.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Call Sign "Little Mrs."

I had a comment this morning on the blog and at first glance I didn't realize who it was....but, then I realized it was from Emma in Australia (a.k.a The Little Mrs.). She has own Yahoo "call sign" and posted a comment on the blog. We are so excited!
To The Little Mrs.,
Your mum emails me all of the exciting news of your adventures in Tumba. I heard that you got to meet the lady who built the Wiggles Big Red Car. Did you ask her if she knows Jeff - he is my favorite? The Minnie Mr. is saving his money to come see you. Mr. Mike said that he misses his little "Butter Bean." We miss you and love you so much!!!
Hugs, Miss Ashley

Minnie Mr. & Drama Mama

Harrison has been spending the week with the Drama Mama while I work. Miss Kim, the Drama Mama's mom, sent over these pictures and I think they are adorable and hilarious at the same time. Kim and I were laughing how the first one looks totally like how a couple would sit on the couch. The girl trying to cozy into the guy's body and the guy totally oblivious and leaning the other way. Too funny!
These are also a perfect example of what happens to Harrison when he is over tired - his face literally almost turns purple. Take a good look at his eyes and coloring in the photos...he can barely make it across the street at the end of the day to sleep.
Besides the joking, aren't they gorgeous together? It would be nice if they dated when they got older, but Miss Kim and I think we are going to prohibit it as the two of them combined are HIGH HIGH DRAMA!

Happy Anniversary To Us!

Today marks the one year anniversary of when we submitted our Medical Checklist (MCC) to our agency for the Waiting Child program. At the time we submitted our MCC, the average wait was 8-10 months. As with the entire China program, everything has slowed down :( Last month marked our LID anniversary and Mike and I calculated that we first started this process in December 2006 with our application. Wow, that was a long time ago!

When I was pregnant with Harrison, we sent out our sonogram picture as an announcement. The funny thing was that he looked just like his picture. Let's hope that Baby Sissy doesn't look like this...he he he he he

Summer Friends

This is the latest picture of the kids gathered on the driveway for their traditional night play. This evening the Minnie Mr. and the Drama Mama were joined by their little buddy whose grandparents live next door. Ok, I know I am biased, but couldn't you just gobble up the scrumdilly on the right :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amy is at it again!

It's been a while since I posted about my incredibly generous friend, Amy. If you read my blog a while back you may remember that Amy and I worked together until she "retired" to move with her hubs and be a full time mommy. Ummm, can we say jealous!!
Anyway, Amy is one of those really great people. You know the type - the ones that make you feel that you stink as a friend and that you need to do much better because she is so much nicer! Before Amy left town, she replenished my once a week presents that she wants me to open until we get our referral. Isn't that amazing? She had already given me tons and tons of things for Baby Sissy, but she showed up with another stash. I mean, I really do not deserve this - just ask my hubs he can list the complaints about me being a nice person :)
This is by no means the entire stash, but these are a few items that you all have not seen yet. And, if you want to be friends with Amy - too bad, she is off limits - do you think I want to share someone who spoils me with gifts? he he he he he

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Little More About My Illness!

I sent the boys away again this past weekend so I could work. I have found that these weekends is when my "illness" really flares up! Saturday morning I woke up after a great sleep alone in the big bed. This is very special because my typical options are 3 in the big bed or Mommy upstairs in the single. I can't remember a time when Daddy was banished to the single or when Harrison was in the single. Since we moved houses we haven't "officially" moved in so none of us have "our" bedrooms, which are still at the old house. Anyway...I made myself pancakes which I had been craving for a week and then painted one of Harrison's walls. If this wasn't procrastination enough, I then crawled back into bed. I finally pulled my body out at noon, took a shower and left for work.
Did I make it? Of course not directly. I decided that I needed to walk the lake in Tyrone for some exercise before I sat on my hinny all day. I did that and decided I had to pop my head into my favorite consignment shop - The Red Door. Knowing already that I had an illness, I left my wallet in the car. You would think that would work, but no. See I consign there so I have a nice "account" -- kind of like Norm at Cheers. I checked my balance and went shopping with $2 to spare. Here is what Baby Sissy received......

First, an all white church dress with tags on it. The moment I saw it I decided like Brangelia I too would dress my new child all in white :)

The next outfit is a cutie patootie crab outfit. Plus I LOVE orange -- perhaps its because growing up my sister said I had orange hair or maybe its because its a color that Harrison looks so handsome in. Anyway, lets hope Baby Sissy looks good in it too!

This next one was the most "worn" of them all, but for $3 who can argue. It's really cute and I think the day that Baby Sissy wears it that I will force her to pose for a million pictures in Harrison's cowboy bedroom.

And because I have been neglecting the clothing needs of the wonderful, brilliant and handsome young man that I actually have, I picked up a cute "big boy" crab t-shirt. Harrison loves his t-shirts big just like his Mommy & Daddy.

Ok so after the pancakes, the painting, the nap, the walk, the shopping and then a quick stop by Publix, I did work from 2:30 till 7:00 when I had to go to the fabric store :)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Baby Sissy is on a roll!

Wow, Baby Sissy is getting popular with the mail carrier!!!!

This weekend I received another envelope for BS with more fabric. This fabric is so adorable and unlike anything we have received yet. It is bright with little frogs on it and so so so so cute! It perfect for us because literally wherever I have lived in my adult life -- Charleston, Birmingham, Ellijay, Newnan and Sharpsburg - I have always had a frog that hangs out by my door at night. Lately the frog has been really little and I call him Freddie. I believe actually that my frog's name has always been Freddie now that I think about it, regardless of the frog or the location.
This fabric is from my "friend" Cathy from my CCAI waiting child group. I have friend in quotes because while I consider all of my online friends - friends, I have no idea who Cathy really is. Hopefully one day I will get to know her better and get to meet her new little one. Sorry the picture is so fuzzy because it doesn't do justice to the fabric which is bright and vibrant.

Thanks Cathy!!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Baby Sissy Gets Mail

One of my best friends, Larken, sent an envelope to "Baby Sissy." Baby Sissy's Got Mail :)

I was so excited when I heard it arrived that I couldn't wait to get home and open it. Once I saw the envelope, I knew what it was.....fabric for Baby Sissy's quilt.
I was so excited because Larken is the first friend that I do not see regularly, who is not a family member, and is not in the adoption world who sent BS some fabric. Thanks Lark!!!!!
When I opened the envelope, I loved it even more. The fabric is so cute. In case you can't really tell it is a pink fabric with little girls clothes hanging on a clothesline. Lark then was super crafty and made the wish by cutting out the dresses from the fabric and "hanging" them on the line, with the wish: Love... Laugh... Live...Learn...