Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Amy is at it again!

It's been a while since I posted about my incredibly generous friend, Amy. If you read my blog a while back you may remember that Amy and I worked together until she "retired" to move with her hubs and be a full time mommy. Ummm, can we say jealous!!
Anyway, Amy is one of those really great people. You know the type - the ones that make you feel that you stink as a friend and that you need to do much better because she is so much nicer! Before Amy left town, she replenished my once a week presents that she wants me to open until we get our referral. Isn't that amazing? She had already given me tons and tons of things for Baby Sissy, but she showed up with another stash. I mean, I really do not deserve this - just ask my hubs he can list the complaints about me being a nice person :)
This is by no means the entire stash, but these are a few items that you all have not seen yet. And, if you want to be friends with Amy - too bad, she is off limits - do you think I want to share someone who spoils me with gifts? he he he he he

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