Thursday, April 10, 2008

"It Puts Hair on Your Chest"

Harrison and his Pa were having dinner tonight and discussing their meals. Pa started to tell Harrison that his mom used to make chicken feet soup and that she would pull off the toenails before she put the feet in the water. Harrison was horrified! Pa kept going knowing that he then had a captive audience. After listened to all the details, Harrison said.....

Pa, I guess it puts hair on your chest.

What??? Where did he get that statement? Too funny! I immediately started laughing and Harrison knew he had struck a funny bone.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Thank you Secret Pal

We have the best Secret Pal who surprised us this weekend with a lot of goodies. I was so surprised to get the package and was thrilled to see what was in it. Take a look at all of our great things for Baby Sissy....

Harrison was thrilled to see that he also had an awesome special present....3D sidewalk chalk. I thought it must be a gimmic, but it really was 3d. Super Cool!!!!! My super sweet lovie even posed for our Secret Pal!

Thank you Secret Pal - you are the best!