Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby Sissy is Getting Closer!

After weeks of being depressed with China's slowdown on referrals, this week has shown a flurry of excitement. Our agency requests that with China's new program we wait about 25 days after our referral to tell the "World." Of course for those that aren't involved, the "World" is our crazy loony adoption online world that we all hang on for every tidbit of info. Well, some of my online friends just couldn't help themselves so they gave hints like: read between the lines, today is a good day, wow this week is fantastic, etc. It so exciting even though its not yet our turn. I do keep a list of those with our agency that have slipped and given hints and we are moving up on that last. Right now, we are number 18 and that is not counting those parents who follow the rules and don't let anything slip. I finally feel like Baby Sissy may be real!!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2008


Harrison, who is the so incredibly spoiled it worries me, has now proclaimed that "Baby Sissy" is too spoiled! Add that to the fact that he has no idea who she is, how old she will be, what she will look like, and when she will get here and you come out with one frustrated, but handsome, 4 year old.

The number one person who has really be spoiling Baby Sissy is my friend Amy. Up until a few weeks ago, Amy and I practiced law together and while we probably would never have gotten to know each other since we are in different offices, fate stepped in at the right time. Amy needed an attorney to teach a class to some of her clients, and in my "extra" work time I network by teaching classes. A match made in heaven. When I went out to teach the class, we went for lunch when she told me that her family was in the process of adopting from China. I immediately started asking a million questions and the rest is history.

Amy brought home beautiful MeiLi one year ago - they actually met for the first time on Harrison's birthday. Amy has been a tremendous support for me over the past year. She is an amazing person, friend, mom and attorney. Plus, she is my new idol because she just "retired" to be a full time mommy. I definately need to get on that plan :)

Through the recent changes in the length of time for China's program and the recent changes in the Waiting Child program, Amy has been a huge help. In fact, I can get her so wrapped up in my adoption drama that she is up crunching the numbers and searching the sites for kids, just like me. I secretly think she is gearing up for kid #4, but she tries to semi-deny it!

To help pass the time and make our wait a little easier, Amy planned a weekly e-card and gift for Baby Sissy. She even tried to calculate how long it would take for our referral and do the same number of weekly gifts. She presented them all to me in a huge box at our families' fairwell dinner on Chinese New Year. She made me cry ... and historically I have not been a crier - only now after this last year I find that more often I am crying more often than not!

Each week we get to open a present for Baby Sissy. I usually have Harrison help me because he loves it, but sometimes I am so bummed at work because of the latest China adoption news that I have to open on there. I have tried to take a picture of each goodie bag - and these are great goodies! Take a look......

Now, Amy has moved to another city far, far away, but I know that she reads this blog and I know that she will continue to email me helping in our search for Baby Sissy. I know this because she is an amazing and wonderful person and I am honored to call her my friend.