Thursday, April 17, 2008

Baby Sissy is Getting Closer!

After weeks of being depressed with China's slowdown on referrals, this week has shown a flurry of excitement. Our agency requests that with China's new program we wait about 25 days after our referral to tell the "World." Of course for those that aren't involved, the "World" is our crazy loony adoption online world that we all hang on for every tidbit of info. Well, some of my online friends just couldn't help themselves so they gave hints like: read between the lines, today is a good day, wow this week is fantastic, etc. It so exciting even though its not yet our turn. I do keep a list of those with our agency that have slipped and given hints and we are moving up on that last. Right now, we are number 18 and that is not counting those parents who follow the rules and don't let anything slip. I finally feel like Baby Sissy may be real!!!!


Jenny G. said...

I agree. It should happen VERY soon, maybe sooner than you think!
I'm so glad and relieved too that there's at least a hint of activity going on behind the scenes and this whole shared list system is working.
Jenny G.

Jaime said...

LOL . . well you are so close now. How exciting for you and your family. I can't help but get really excited when I read those "read between the line" posts and that as well. Every glimmer of hope that children are being matched with their forever families is amazing. Wishing you a referral REAL soon!

Ash said...

Ashley, I was interested in who has referrals off shared list. (I know secret right now)but... after families start posting PA would you mind starting a file on the chat group to keep track of families announcing shared list PA's. If it is too much,.. I totally understand, I myself want someone to make a list of PA's (referrals) but I don't even want the responsibility... LOL.... Thank you, and I just know your baby, or babies!!, are waiting for you & hopefully the wait is very short from here on out. Take care, ash

The Hindsman's said...

Your blogover looks great!! Can't wait to learn more Chinese with you and Harrison.