Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Final Kiss with the Little Mrs.

(This all actually happened last week, but I didn't want it to get lost and not have the Little Mrs. see it in Australia so I moved it up till today.)
Tonight we met the Little Mrs. and her family for dinner and a local pizza place. We picked a great spot outside on the patio where we could run around and have fun. Unfortunately, about 1/2 way through dinner a large family was seated next to us that didn't find us as amusing as we found ourselves. Harrison and Emma had a blast running around, being silly and just enjoying each other. Emma leaves with her family early Tuesday morning and we really hope that one day we get to see her again. She almost had me crying off the bat when I went to help her in the restroom and she said.....Ashley, I love you! I almost started boo hooing there, but had to keep my cool :) The truth is , we are just crazy about the Little Mrs. We all tell her everytime we see her how much we love her and how beautiful and special she is. You should see her face when Pa tells her how much he loves her - its adorable!

After dinner we convinced everyone to go out for icecream. It was so yummy and the kids ordered eyeball sundaes! What a special treat! Emma insisted that she ride in our car and then didn't want to ride home with her parents, so Mike agreed to take her home. As soon as we got in the car, she started asking to spend the night. Tomorrow is our big day to do taxes and we quickly remembered that Emma didn't sleep much during her last, what did we do? Of course we immediately told her that she could if her parents said yes. We knew it was our last time so we certainly were not going to pass it up! Lucky for us, her parents said yes and we headed home.

Once home, the kids immediately went to get Pa. Pa came up to play for a while. Then, Emma walked straight out the front door. I was getting changed so I ran through the house yelling her name. Did she stop? No! This was not like her at all so Harrison and I flew out the door after her. We caught her on the way down to Pa's apartment. When we asked her what she was doing, she told us that her special flashlight was in Pa's place and she was simply going down to get it. Makes sense and as we all know, Pa has good flashlights. We grabbed the flashlight and went to play making lights in the trees.

The kids later headed in to play and boy were they riled up. It was WAY past Emma's bedtime, but I can never get her to go to bed on time. They all headed upstairs and decided to attack Mike. He loved it!

Yes, they are smelling each other's feet. Harrison is a bit obsessed with it and the Little Mrs. was happy to play along.

After a bit of a hard time, Harrison and the Little Mrs. are both asleep. We had to make a Harrison and Emma sandwich to get them to finally settle down and Emma thought it was really neat that she got to be the jelly. We did have a few tears, but hopefully they are the last for the night. We are just so thrilled we get this one last opportunity to spend the night with the Little Mrs.
And, of course the next morning IHOP was the selection for breakfast.


Anonymous said...

VERY nice blogover! I love the colors. Am working on ours for one but we shall see. I love this and the pictures. Beautiful job I must say.
Jenny G.

Sue said...

Awwww..... so sorry that the little lovebirds have parted. The pics are totally adorable though!
The blog is AWESOME!!! I love the design! And such a lovely way to remember your mother. :)