Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Parker!

Parker turned 2 today! We wish we were with him, but we know we get all the rest of the birthdays so that makes it ok. I hope that his foster family is cherishing these last few days with him.

We only have 3 pictures of Parker and very little information. The picture above is his "baby picture" and was his referral picture. I hope he is that happy once he gets to know his new crazy family!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Travel Dates to Parker

I need to get back up to date on the blogging before the trip!!!

We received a very quick travel approval, but for some reason we did not qualify for the first travel group. So, we are spending CHRISTMAS IN CHINA!!!

Here is the itinerary:

Dec 13th - leave Atlanta
Dec 14th - arrive Hong Kong
Dec 15-16 - tour Hong Kong
Dec 16- fly to Beijing
Dec 16-17 - visit Philip Hayden Foundation (Piper's 1st foster home)
Dec 17-19 - tour Beijing
Dec 19 - fly to Zhengzhou
Dec 20 - meet my new mini man
Dec 20-24 - hang out in Zhengzhou
Dec 24 - fly to Guangzhou
Dec 24-30 - hang out in Guangzhou
Dec 30 - fly to Hong Kong
Dec 31 - celebrate New Year's Eve in Hong Kong, New York and then ATLANTA!!!!!

When I receive more details on what we will be doing every day, I will do an update!