Friday, September 19, 2008

Cuteness for the weekend!

I am headed to a work party tomorrow at Lanier with my #1 minnie man. Then, my minnie and I are headed for a night in the mountains. So, to tide you over (ok, really tide me over) for the weekend, here is some cuteness of the prettiest girl in China. These photos are from Eagles Wing III so they have been in the last 6 weeks. I would have to check my dates, but I believe they were from when she first arrived which is why she looks so timid. Oh, and great news...she is feeling much better!

Pippidy Piper, we love you!

Saturday's update. I just received even more photos of Baby Sissy from when she was a baby. I counted quickly and it looks like I have 35 total. Do you realize how amazing this is? Children usually are adopted with absolutely no history or life story to hold onto throughout their life. While there is still much that I do now know, the amazing people that I have met are helping me piece together Piper's life story. This is such a wonderful journey! I cannot wait to post more when I return next week.

Tonight's Prayer

Tonight's prayer was a real doozie....

Thank you God, for your blessings.

Thank you for the F word.

Thank you for mommy and the F word

Thank you for Mona, Mimmie, Bass and the F word.


I was a little taken aback, but figured I shouldn't make a big deal about it. Then, I started my prayer....

Thank you God for my son, Harrison.

I went on to tell of our wonderful time last night at Tyrone's fair and how Harrison danced to the music, we walked hand-in-hand, and how we had so much fun...until I was interrupted.

No, Mommy, that is not the right prayer.

Ok, Harrison what is the right prayer?

Thank you God for the F word. The F word is the best word. Amen.

Sound a bit suspicious?

Harrison started learning his first letter this week in school during writing time. Wanna guess what the first letter is? The letter is "F." It has made a big impact. I think unfortunately, that the adult meaning of the phrase "The F Word" will have more meaning in several years [I hope at least 30 :) ] when he realized how hilarious and priceless tonight's prayer was.

So tonight, I too thank God for the F word and for giving me the opportunity to realize just how much the F word means to a 4 year old.

Also, after prayers Harrison wanted to learn a song (he is VERY theatrical). I couldn't think of one so I sang him one from my sorority days...A ZTA Goodnight. He nailed it and after about 15 performances he had to call "Aunt" Heather for a performance of it on her cell phone.

His version was just a little different.

Mine: A Zeta Goodnight, Goodnight, Goodnight, well it's time to go...

His: I say Goodnight, Goodnight, Goodnight cause I have to go...

Mine: Goodnight from Z T A

His: Goodnight from C D A

Calling all Doogie Howser, MDs...

My sweet Minnie Mr. is a puker. It has become so frequent, that it just cannot be a fluke. It seems to come out of nowhere and is not fever related. I often realize afterwards that his face looked somewhat blue and he looks like he has not slept in days before it happens. We have asked the doctor before, but with him not displaying any evidence of illness the doc tends to dismiss the issue.

Harrison almost had an episode tonight. His last episode was Wednesday at Outback Steakhouse...more specifically in their lovely landscaping. He has also had episodes in the car. The vomiting is violent, but once he finishes his color returns and he is good to go. I really want my sweet baby boy to feel better.
Anyone have any ideas?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Please Pray For Susannah

Please everyone take the time to visit Susannah's blog. This little girl and her family need our prayers. Miracles happen and I am praying for a miracle for Susannah.

Update 9-18-08: The prayers are working and sweet Susannah is hanging on. This family needs to move mountains to get Susannah out of the hospital and either into a better facility for surgery or back home. Little Susannah is very very sick and it is crucial that we all remember her and her family in our thoughts and prayers. Here is an updated picture of her playing with her stacking cups. Isn't she so adorable?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us!!!

We just received the best anniversary gift ever....a call from Baby Sissy. She is so stunningly beautiful and we are over the moon. I haved never received a better anniversary gift in my 6 years of marriage!

This is our second call and we fall more and more in love each day. Today she is still under the weather with a little fever, but we got to watch her eat her cereal and she blew kisses and waived goodbye to us. She is starting to look at us when we say Ma Ma or Ba Ba (Mandarin for mommy and daddy) - not so sure she is as thrilled about us as we are about her, but it's a start.

We also received an email from a new friend that met baby sissy last year in October and she sent us some wonderful pictures! We will showcase those at another time. The photo attached is from the party of a little boy that lives with her and was taken after our first call.

Piper, we love you and cannot wait to snuggle with you in person!