Friday, September 19, 2008

Calling all Doogie Howser, MDs...

My sweet Minnie Mr. is a puker. It has become so frequent, that it just cannot be a fluke. It seems to come out of nowhere and is not fever related. I often realize afterwards that his face looked somewhat blue and he looks like he has not slept in days before it happens. We have asked the doctor before, but with him not displaying any evidence of illness the doc tends to dismiss the issue.

Harrison almost had an episode tonight. His last episode was Wednesday at Outback Steakhouse...more specifically in their lovely landscaping. He has also had episodes in the car. The vomiting is violent, but once he finishes his color returns and he is good to go. I really want my sweet baby boy to feel better.
Anyone have any ideas?


ABM said...

Does he mostly get sick in the car or right after riding in the car?

Special K said...

I have no ideas to offer you. I'm sorry for you and your little guy. was a puker growing up, but I eventually grew out of it. Though I still have episodes every once in a while.

It was nice to meet you briefly - we'll have to do it again.

Emy said...


My little boy Ben did the same thing when he was about 15 months old. He would be completely fine, then get a weird look on his face... toss his coookies, and be comletely fine again. It went on for over a month, but it was happening every day. We did some tests, even a CT scan to look for a brain tumor, but it ended up being bad acid reflux. He took some Prilosec (sp?) for a month and has been fine ever since. We also heard a lot of similar stories that turned out to be allergies. The kids would have a lot of drainage that would cause vomiting, and after some allergy medicine it would stop. Hope that helps!