Saturday, February 14, 2009

We are in Seoul, Korea!

We made it to Seoul Korea early this morning 3 a.m. China time. Our reservations to the Travelers Hotel were lost and they made us come through immigration so we couldn't go back. Mike and I totally lost it with the information lady at the desk and told her that she needed to get us a place to sleep. She ended up taking us to a local hotel. It looked scary, but was a great sleep. We slept from about 5:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Korea time. Plus we got to see a bit of Korea and got more stamps on our passports. Yahoo!
The flight last night was BUMPY. Yuck. I am praying for a sweet smooth flight. Mike has already completed a full inspection of our plane from the window.
Our flight is on Delta for those of you coming to get us. It is flight 7035 from Seoul Korea. We arrive at 5:30 and have to pass through immigration and customs. I would assume we will make it upstairs around 6:30. I think our cell phones are dead so we cannot call anyone to let them know we landed.
We cannot wait to get home and see everyone. Three weeks has been a LONG time and we are ready to get home! Mike wants iced tea and I want a big cold glass of milk.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodbyes and Return Information

Tonight we met for one last group dinner. We all took our oath this afternoon and everything is good to go for us to enter the US. I am sad that China does not have duel citizenship for the adopted children. We are thrilled that Piper immediately becomes a US citizen, but the moment she does, she will forever loose her Chinese citizenship.
After dinner we ran to buy another suitcase to put our stuff in. We have way too much stuff and I have no idea how we are going to handle the train tomorrow. Please think of us as we lug 2 kids and 6 huge suitcases into the station. We hope to be at the park by 4 - 7 tomorrow and then again the next day. We are very excited for Harrison to be able to show Piper what the Disney magic is all about.
I am not sure whether we can post in Hong Kong or not. Just in case we cannot, I wanted to update our arrival information. We are arriving on Saturday, February 14th at 5:35 p.m. on Korean Air Flight 7035 operated by Delta Airlines. I am not certain whether it will show up as Korean Air or Delta so I am not sure what terminal to tell those that are coming to get us to park in. The Korea airport has wireless service so I can try to update from there.
For those of you that would like to meet us at the airport, we would love to see you, but please prepare for some haggared travelers. We have a 13 hour layover in Korea and are leaving Hong Kong at 1 a.m. Hopefully we can get some sleep in Korea, but I can guarantee we won't look pretty, smell pretty or be acting pretty. Also, prepare for me to be weepy after 2 days of flying. We also may run you down running over to the Wendy's for a nice burger and fries :)
For those of you that we don't know in real life, but have been following our journey....thank you so much. It has been a joy to receive the comments on the blog and to know that you were all with us the whole way. This has been an incredibly experience and Mike and I are so extremely fortunate to have been able to share that with everyone.
The Johnson Family - we are planning on you guys picking us up with both car seats. We will probably need someone to drive us home, because I am not sure we can function behind the wheel. The Gaddis Family - If you guys are still up to coming, we need your big huge car to get everything back.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Red Couch Photos

My oh so handsome mini man. How will I ever handle it when he moves away? We are just so crazy in love with him that another 14 years is not enough. Perhaps we can convince him to go to college locally, marry and move in next door :)
John, April, Sami, and Felix. Felix is an Eagles Wings baby and has the best smile and semi-mohawk. He is just edible he is so cute and doesn't the family look so happy? John's mom is also here and has been a great addition to our group.

Harrison and Lily. They are such great pals. I know that they are going to love seeing each other again.

This is Shannon and Dee and their lovely 4th child, Lainey. Dee is my middle school teacher's son and they all live in Smyrna. Thankfully, they were in the medical exam room with me when the doctor thought Piper could not hear. I am so glad I was not alone because it was Shannon who thought to get our guide in there to explain that Piper could hear, but was just terrified.

Eddie and Shanna are pictured below. Eddie came solo and is our HERO. He is always positive and always perky despite the fact that he must have been exhausted. Eddie's sister has now joined us and I know that he was so excited to see her.

Sandy and Kristie. Kristie is a Philip Hayden baby and is really starting to show her personality. She is a wisp of a little girl, but I think she is going to give her siblings a run for their money. Sandy's mom is here too and is so wonderful, but I could not find a couch photo with her in it. She must have been the photographer.

Mandie and Everett are below. Everett is a Philip Hayden baby and is so adorable. He is a smile machine (except for that picture with Piper) and I cannot believe that I will not get to see him everyday :(

Below is Lisa, Mark and their first born, Levi. Lisa and Mark are first time parents and are doing AWESOME. Levi is so handsome with his dark eyes. Poor Mark has now caught my cold, so please keep him in your thoughts.

This is River's family. Rivers is an Eagles Wings girl. We love that we are here with them and I know that we will see each other again. We have all had such a wonderful time together. In fact, Mike and Harrison are out for Italian tonight with their family. I was feeling a little sicky so I stayed in.

Say What?

Mr. Everett is usually the smiley happy go lucky guy. We just love him so much, but the Red Couch photos were just not his cup of tea. Piper did not like them either, but I think she was so stunned by Everett's reaction she forgot to cry.

Our Lovely Love

Piper at the pool

Is it obvious how much I am lovin' the girlie outfits. Oh my!!!

Sweet Love

Harrison has fallen in love 3 times on this trip. This time, it seems serious. Last night he kept looking at her picture and getting all moonie. He told me that he was so in love with his new lady and for me to please not tell her parents. I broke my promise, but I had too. He is having so much fun with all the girls on the trip.

Pool Fun with my Minnie Mr.

Harrison and I had a blast at the pool when Daddy was doing paperwork. I felt like we were on a tropical vacation.