Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My First Love

I fall more in love with this little guy each day. His strength on this trip is something to admire. Mike and I have never been so proud of him. Every morning when I wake up, I feel like I just love him more then yesterday. He has been an amazing and caring big brother. Mike and I are so proud that we brought him with us and that he has welcomed his sister so willingly into our family. He told me the other day that he will always have someone to play with now on Christmas morning. What a sweetie...oh, and he is just so handsome too. I cannot wait to get him home, fed, and rested so those "brown bags" (he calls them this) disappear from under his eyes.


The Hindsman's said...

He is handsome!

littlemrs said...

I think my heart just melted - again!!! I miss Harrison so much!!!!!! Also - so you know - your parcel arrived today - it is killing me that emma is at preschool because i oh so want to open it!!! #3 international parcels all arrived today - how bizarre!