Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Goodbyes and Return Information

Tonight we met for one last group dinner. We all took our oath this afternoon and everything is good to go for us to enter the US. I am sad that China does not have duel citizenship for the adopted children. We are thrilled that Piper immediately becomes a US citizen, but the moment she does, she will forever loose her Chinese citizenship.
After dinner we ran to buy another suitcase to put our stuff in. We have way too much stuff and I have no idea how we are going to handle the train tomorrow. Please think of us as we lug 2 kids and 6 huge suitcases into the station. We hope to be at the park by 4 - 7 tomorrow and then again the next day. We are very excited for Harrison to be able to show Piper what the Disney magic is all about.
I am not sure whether we can post in Hong Kong or not. Just in case we cannot, I wanted to update our arrival information. We are arriving on Saturday, February 14th at 5:35 p.m. on Korean Air Flight 7035 operated by Delta Airlines. I am not certain whether it will show up as Korean Air or Delta so I am not sure what terminal to tell those that are coming to get us to park in. The Korea airport has wireless service so I can try to update from there.
For those of you that would like to meet us at the airport, we would love to see you, but please prepare for some haggared travelers. We have a 13 hour layover in Korea and are leaving Hong Kong at 1 a.m. Hopefully we can get some sleep in Korea, but I can guarantee we won't look pretty, smell pretty or be acting pretty. Also, prepare for me to be weepy after 2 days of flying. We also may run you down running over to the Wendy's for a nice burger and fries :)
For those of you that we don't know in real life, but have been following our journey....thank you so much. It has been a joy to receive the comments on the blog and to know that you were all with us the whole way. This has been an incredibly experience and Mike and I are so extremely fortunate to have been able to share that with everyone.
The Johnson Family - we are planning on you guys picking us up with both car seats. We will probably need someone to drive us home, because I am not sure we can function behind the wheel. The Gaddis Family - If you guys are still up to coming, we need your big huge car to get everything back.


Jen & Bill said...

I have enjoyed your journey!

Re Piper and Mike - it will come in time. Ricky could barely tolerate me. He wanted his daddy all the time and I was the one home with him. It was a tough going for a while. hugs! NOw he is all into mama.

Joy said...

Ashley, Allison HATED me in China and the day after we got home, she was all mine. :-) I know Mike's heart is broken. Tell him it's not forever.

And nevermind about the mahjong instructions. We'll find some around here. I never got back to you about which store has them.

Have a safe trip home!


Heather said...

I have to play catch up again on your blog! I wanted to follow every moment but a mommy of 3 is BUSY! Also I had to go back to work this week - yuck! I can't get over how beautiful that smile of hers is. And Harrison looks to be having a blast. I just sneaked a peak at the pictures and now I have to get to reading all about your last few days. Can't wait to hear the new GA girl is adjusting to life at home as wonderfully!
Good luck with the daddy loving- Lillian still has a hard time with Jason sometimes!

Heather said...

I hope you got that comment! It might have gotten zapped! So the short version! Love the pictures! Tell Mike to hang in there! Lillian is still adjusting to Jason. Can't wait to have that new GA girl on GA soil!

4ever said...


Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us. Your two children are so precious. It has been wonderful to see your family be united. Congratulations and safe journey home!

Jennie (currently awaiting TA)

Anonymous said...

Ash, I see that even with all the travel and the roller coaster of emotions, you have not lost your sense of humor! It was so heart warming reading about your journey and bringing the little love home...Safe travels and with time and patience piper will come around to our big teddy bear, Mike. Wish I was there at the airport to greet the smelly travelers...I am there in spirit, as always! xx, Michele

Jen & Rob said...

I've so enjoyed following along, Ashley and Mike. I don't have any words of wisdom for Mike, but I am sure that time will bring his huge heart straight into Piper's! A good idea for bonding to not have anyone try to pick her up, etc. I really pray she will go to daddy very, very soon! Hugs to you all for a safe trip.
Jenny G.

Sue said...

Have a wonderful time at Disney! Safe travels and enjoy being back HOME!!!!!

Special K said...

I'm so sorry for Mike. Micah hated me in China, too. It's beyond heartbreaking, I know. But look at us now and try to remember it will come in time.

We are leaving on vacation earlier on the 14th or you bet we'd be at the airport to greet you. Maybe Piper will be a fan of 5 Guys? Safe travels to you!

littlemrs said...

OH my gosh - I can't believe you are almost home with your precious little girl!!! Ahhhhh - the big homecoming all stinky and weary - the memories! You know NOone will be worried! Have grand fun at Disney!!!!!

Shanna said...

Thank you so much for sharing your journey with us! I can't wait to meet her at the next southsiders meeting!!!!!! You are so incredibly blessed to have TWO amazing, beautiful children!
I know it can be hard to leave GZ, I hope it makes it easier going to Disney HK! How fun!
We will say a special prayer for speedy travels home.
BIG HUGS to you~

Diane said...

We have followed your trip eagerly. we are waiting on pins and needles for our travel date so we can pick up Dong Xue and make her our little Aria. You helped us imagine every step of the trip! Thank you. We are from the Bethlehem Ga area.
Dana and Dee

Heather Thompson said...

Praying for your final leg of your journey home to be smooth! Just take it slow and know that there are many of us here that are thinking of you. Piper will come around to Mike, especially once you're home and into a routine.
Heather (FL)