Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Back to work...well, sort of

When Nanni received her diagnosis I immediately left work. My firm was so incredibly understanding even though it has been a huge burden for them. Their understanding and compassion has been unbelievable.

Well, today was the day that my 12 week federal leave was to end but I just couldn't do it. At first I thought I would just go in the office a few days a week and then telecommute for the rest. I had that all set up, but knowing what I know about pancreatic cancer I just couldn't do it.

I talked with my bosses and the were wonderful enough to allow me to work from home hourly - as much or as little as I felt I could do. I started today and while it was a little tough with a 3 year old hanging on my leg, I think it is going to work really well.

Nanni's Beautiful Flower Garden

This evening we had a nice visit with Nanni in her flower garden. H was sick today so it was one of the first days since Nanni's diagnosis (12 weeks ago) that we haven't been able to be there all day. We were sad this morning, but I used the time to clean our basement (uuughhh). Nanni finally called and gave us clearance to come over. We chatted for a while with a friend who stopped by to visit from California and then Nanni, H and I went to sit in the garden. The garden is a very special place at Nanni's house and being able to be there all together is very important to us. Here are a few shots of our time.

We think this is the baby "zardo" of the big mama zardo we posted about a while back. As soon as I snapped the picture, he dove off the butterfly bush. He is definately not a poser like the other zardo.
Nanni's garden is so full of butterflies that they actually land on you at times. There are a bunch of baby butterflies or really small butterflies that will actually sit on your shoulders as you walk up the driveway. I have to remember to bring my camera for those little guys.
Nanni was feeling a little tired today so she was already in her jammies. Of course, she wanted the jammies to match the garden for photos so she wore her purple ones!
We are so lucky that we live so close to Nanni so that we can be there with her everyday. Right after we took these pictures she realized that her hair is starting to really fall out. I had noticed a few days ago b/c it was all sitting on her shirt, but I didn't want to upset her. I told her it was probably a tad of punishment for when the other chemo people asked about her hair and she ran her fingers through it saying..."oh, my chemo doesn't make your hair fall out." Not to worry, I told Nanni that we will buy her a hot pink bob wig and get her a few "tats" like the L.A. Ink show :) Ha ha. I think she will look great even without hair, but here is the cutsie chemo girl looking cute even on a bad day!
In addition to all of the rest and relaxation in the flower/lavender garden, H had to make sure that he and Nanni did their "nut" work. They collect nuts, throw them into the woods, and say "you drive me nuts"...."no, you drive me nuts" ... "Menuts....who is menuts!"

When the Mom is Away...They Boy will Destroy!

Here is a little bit of evidence as to what happens when mom runs upstairs for a few minutes. H loves to take all the pillows off the couch to build his castles. Seems this castle also comes with Tommy stickers. Well, at least he is wearing pants which is quickly becomming a HUGE issue in our house! Oops ... upon a more detailed glance I see that he is NOT wearing pants. Nice!

My Very First House

This is my very first house that I bought as soon as I graduated law school to work in the very small North Georgia town that I started my career in. We have held on to it for many years, but unfortunately it has come time to sell it. We have been working on getting it back in shape after a couple years of rental damage. We just took a spur of the moment overnight trip up to the mountains to do some painting.

Here is the cutie...we sure are going to miss her! We still have a lot to do, but someone is going to get a really great house in the mountains. Good thing we have another one right down the street in the same neighborhood so I can keep an eye on her :)

Sister Love with Mona and Mims

Here are the sisters on our trip to the mountains to work on our mountain cottage. They were so cute in the backseat that I had to take a few photos. Unfortunately you cannot see Bass a.k.a. Fat Sister, b/c her other sisters are smothering her!