Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sue To The Rescue

Sue took my challenge. She is a brave gal. Go check out her picture....I think she looks beautiful!!!

Thanks Sue!!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

One More

I just got one more just now. I am so lucky that I am able to have a connection to Piper when we wait.

Here she is after her bath in her new jammies. She is holding her princess camera that we sent. Looks like she has a runny nose. Her hair also is getting longer.
Jenny said it was only 2 deg the other night. I hate thinking of how cold it is for all of the children. I cannot wait until she can spoon with the Minnie and me during story time.

My Girl In Her Jammies

Jenny just sent me these two pictures. They are both outfits that we sent in the last package. I loved the ladybug outfit, but I am thrilled to see it is too small. It is 18 months and I had sent it because Jenny said the 24 months were running a bit large. Can you see that belly? Wow!
The other picture shows her super warm jammies that I found at Tuesday Morning. They are way too hot for Georgia living, but perfect for cold China. Also, do you see how she is sleeping? That is how my Minnie Mr. sleeps --- side to side.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

You asked for it!

In the morning, without makeup (except for my dyed eyelashes), in my (oh so not sexy) jammmies...

I dare ya to post a picture under similar conditions. Double dog dare ya...

Now I am going back in hiding :)

Please Pray For My Sweet Little Friend

My great friend, Amy aka Super Woman is having a tough time lately as Little M struggles with her latest palette surgery. M is a strong willed girl who is a fighter, but she is having a tough time. Things aren't going as well as had hoped and this is not M's first surgery. We all really hoped this time would be a "success." Unfortunately, our version of a "success" is not happening. I feel helpless that I cannot be there for Amy and her family.

Amy, I am thinking of you and M every moment of every day. I wish I could be there to just sit with you and help you through this time.

Some of Piper's Presents

These are just a sampling of goodies that Piper received. Everything she received is so perfect. I have dreamed so long of having a little girl to dress in Strasberg dresses and now I have two to choose from.
There is much more, but I have not photographed it yet. I will update with the other photos later this week. She is one spoiled little girl and I am one lucky mama!

Piper's Toddler Shower

My wonderful friends are work, who are like family to me, threw me (really Piper) a toddler shower. It was very unexpected and we had so much fun.

(Mindy, Lisa, Baby Ellen and Maggie)

(Baby Ellen)

Maggie was such a gracious host and the table looked stunning. I had brought a picture of Piper, which we set on the table. It was just perfect in every detail.

The pink and spotted jelly beans..

The pink and purple shower gifts and the pink and purple napkin holders...

Mindy was so excited that she found an Asian inspired shirt to wear that we had to take a picture of the back.

The mimosas and bloody marys hit the spot....

After dinner we all wrote notes to Piper for her baby book...

Then, we opened presents, which I will cover in another post because this one is getting too hard to move pictures around.

The Crew

Saturday was Mama Drama Mama's birthday. Unfortunately, Mr. Mama Drama Mama and Hubs both had to work so we all ended up at my house. The kids played and Mama Drama Mama and I had some "night caps." Yes, we are going to use that term now that MDM has turned 29. No, you did not read that wrong, she is 29. Doesn't that stink? It makes me feel like an old lady. For crying out loud, she isn't even old enough to adopt from China.

I took several pictures of her, but they did not pass clearance for the blog. Since it is her birthday, I decided she could veto them. I thought that was a nice present. Actually, MDM has wanted a fry daddy for a long time so that morning I told the Minnie Mr. that we had to go to Wallie to get MDM a fry daddy. His response:

Mom, Miss Kim cannot fry daddy. She needs to pick a present that is not a person.

It was so funny that I immediately wrote it down. Unfortunately, I thought that Wallie's fry daddys were very tiny and I could not understand what one would fry in it. So, MDM got a card and a few "night caps." We should have gotten her Depends since she is so darn old.

Our Driveway

The leaves started started to really fall this past weekend and we had a nice time taking pictures on our driveway. We have so much fun on this drive that it is the best part of our house.

My Prayer Bag

It took me way too long to post this, but below is the beautiful prayer bag that my secret pal, Joy, made for me. Joy said that when she sewed the bag that she Justify Fullprayed for our family and Piper the entire time. That is what makes this bag so special and makes it a prayer bag. I took it to my shower this past weekend and used it as a purse. Everyone raved and I felt so special!

Thanks Joy! I am so lucky to have you as a friend.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Whooo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, what do the above pictures mean??????
Take a look at the chip-in.
Combining the chip-in with the direct donations, we are within $27 of our goal of $1000.
I am amazed.
I am inspired.
I am grateful.
Thank you!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fundraising Update and Piper's Party

Sorry this is so rushed, but the Minnie and I are about to head out to Piper's Toddler Shower! I really did not expect any showers, but I have some stubborn friends so 5 of us are getting together for fun, friendship and mimosas. We are so excited!

Now onto the GOOD GOOD NEWS.....I just transferred the first $500 raised for the Christmas celebration at Eagles Wings. I am so excited. We have also had $118 direct contributions and one family who is putting together a box of stuffed animals for the kids. This is amazing to me. I am still finishing up the DVD drive and am packing a BIG BOX this time to go filled with all presents for Christmas. The Minnie and I hit Red Door Consignment yesterday and purchased a couple goodies to add to the box. This has been such a rewarding project. I cannot wait to meet the kids in person!