Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Piper's Toddler Shower

My wonderful friends are work, who are like family to me, threw me (really Piper) a toddler shower. It was very unexpected and we had so much fun.

(Mindy, Lisa, Baby Ellen and Maggie)

(Baby Ellen)

Maggie was such a gracious host and the table looked stunning. I had brought a picture of Piper, which we set on the table. It was just perfect in every detail.

The pink and spotted jelly beans..

The pink and purple shower gifts and the pink and purple napkin holders...

Mindy was so excited that she found an Asian inspired shirt to wear that we had to take a picture of the back.

The mimosas and bloody marys hit the spot....

After dinner we all wrote notes to Piper for her baby book...

Then, we opened presents, which I will cover in another post because this one is getting too hard to move pictures around.


Heather Thompson said...

Want to hear something crazy?! The shower gifts are the exact same that I bought to take to China as some of the nannie/director/notary gifts just yesterday!!! I nearly jumped out of my seat when I saw them!
It was a lovely shower!

Heather said...

What a beautiful shower! I love the letter writing for Piper! One special girl such beautiful dresses!

blessedmom said...

Your shower looks wonderful. You are going to love have a little girl to dress up. Congratulations!