Sunday, November 16, 2008

Fundraising Update and Piper's Party

Sorry this is so rushed, but the Minnie and I are about to head out to Piper's Toddler Shower! I really did not expect any showers, but I have some stubborn friends so 5 of us are getting together for fun, friendship and mimosas. We are so excited!

Now onto the GOOD GOOD NEWS.....I just transferred the first $500 raised for the Christmas celebration at Eagles Wings. I am so excited. We have also had $118 direct contributions and one family who is putting together a box of stuffed animals for the kids. This is amazing to me. I am still finishing up the DVD drive and am packing a BIG BOX this time to go filled with all presents for Christmas. The Minnie and I hit Red Door Consignment yesterday and purchased a couple goodies to add to the box. This has been such a rewarding project. I cannot wait to meet the kids in person!


Heather Thompson said...

Oh I am so jealous about the shower- it's not that I need anything, I would just love to get together to talk about our little one without apology and have mimosas! ;) Hope you had a blast!!!

Jenny & Robert said...

You have a beautiful heart Ashley. I know those children are going to have a great great Christmas!!! Hope you all had a great shower together (oh and the mimosas sound fabulous!)

littlemrs said...

Well - the Little Mrs. and I are VERY VERY VERY sad that we aren't in the country - because we would have gatecrashed your party!!!! I'm so jealous! I'm sure it would have been so much fun - and such an affirming experience - you are SOOOOOOO close - and Piper is so lucky that you guys are so prepared and already love her so very much. Way to go on the fundraising. I can't wait to hear - and hopefully see some pictures - of the kids on xmas day.

Kristin said...

Oh I hope you had a wonderful time!!!