Monday, June 30, 2008

Turbo Jam!

This morning I started Turbo Jam. Ok, I really started it yesterday so I could see what it was but the official program starts today. For some time, I have wanted to get into better shape and I always have excuses for going to the gym. Well, the infomercial got me this time and I ordered it. The first day is only a 15 minute program and my fingers are literally sweating as I type this :) I wanted to post about it so that you all held me to completing the program. It's an initial 8 weeks so I will let everyone how it goes. These are my before pictures. Ha, I wish. Maybe these would be my after pictures. I am blond :)

I have so much to post from this weekend. I was running around all weekend, but so many great things happened. I look forward to showing you all the wonderful things that my Secret Pal sent to Baby Sissy, some new fabrics that my Yahoo group sent, and Uncle Jeff's graduation. I wasn't able to do my weekly posts over the weekend like I usually do, so I may not be that great this week for updating the blog!