Friday, August 22, 2008

Spiderman To The Rescue & The Fun Park

We found something wicked in the garage, but luckily I have a friendly neighborhood Spiderman living with me.

Spidy bravely got up close and personal with our visitor. Good think Hubs wasn't home - he has "issues" with spiders. Of course Mama Drama Mama (I think that will be Miss Kim's new name) and I ran for our cameras - even Pa had to get close for a look. Since our visitor stopped by, I have noticed a few equal sized friends running on the driveway at night - Yuck, yuck, a great big Yuck.

If I told Hubs he would probably bug bomb the whole cul-de-sac. Apparently the Mtn. House had "a trillion spiders" in the basement yesterday and had to be bombed my the spider killing duo-Hubs and Minnie Mr.

A few days later (I have to combine since I am so behind), Minnie Mr. called his lady friend, Drama Mama for a driveway date. When she said yes, he immediately stripped out of his clothes to slip into something more appropriate. This was the end result. Drama Mama saw him coming from the top of the driveway - he was pretty hard to miss! I thought he was the most handsome Spidy-Bucket-Head-Water Shoes-Little Boy I have ever seen.

A couple of weeks ago on Hubs' weekend off we also ventured to a nearby Fun Park that we had never tried. Unfortunately we went on a day when it was about 100 degrees out so we were all suffering, but they had a fun inside playhouse. They also had this fantastic ride that pulls you across the park on a cable and then shoots you to the other side. I was the only one brave enough to ride it and waived to the boys as they stood below with their stomachs in their hands...chickens!!!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ok, I am a liar!

It is Tuesday night and I still have not updated. My excuses?

(1) I gave my camera to Drama Mama's mom to capture Drama Mama on her first day of school. I could get it back anytime, but have I mentioned that our driveways are really long? I think that the Minnie Mr. and Drama Mama have the longest driveways I have seen for a regular subdivision ...yes, I's good exercise, but see numbers 2 and 3 and don't even think to ask about Turbo Jam.

(2) I am still sickly despite my best efforts to cure my cough with fried chicken since Publix thinks its reasonable not to sell their home made chicken noodle soup in summer. Hogwash! Actually the fried chicken did make me feel better.

(3) I am a huge procrastinator and have done a million things that could have been placed on the back burner. Like work - I should so be working right now - boy, am I going to be sorry in the morning. On the positive side, I have fully pre-cleaned for the cleaning lady to come tomorrow!

(4) I am falling in love. I find this last item is taking precedence over everything else!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

I am so behind on my postings because I have picked up a nasty cold - again! I will post a more detailed thank you, but wanted The Little Mrs. to know that Harrison loved his notes - expecially the glittery one and I loved the fabric for Baby Sissy. I can't wait to show everyone when I get back up and running. The Sunday Paper did an entire section on New Zealand and it made me miss The Little Mrs. :(

I also want to say thank you to my wonderful and generous Secret Pal. I received a surprise package from my Secret Pal filled with some of my very favorite things. I can't wait to show you all of those goodies too!

I will do better this week with postings.