Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ok, I am a liar!

It is Tuesday night and I still have not updated. My excuses?

(1) I gave my camera to Drama Mama's mom to capture Drama Mama on her first day of school. I could get it back anytime, but have I mentioned that our driveways are really long? I think that the Minnie Mr. and Drama Mama have the longest driveways I have seen for a regular subdivision ...yes, I know...it's good exercise, but see numbers 2 and 3 and don't even think to ask about Turbo Jam.

(2) I am still sickly despite my best efforts to cure my cough with fried chicken since Publix thinks its reasonable not to sell their home made chicken noodle soup in summer. Hogwash! Actually the fried chicken did make me feel better.

(3) I am a huge procrastinator and have done a million things that could have been placed on the back burner. Like work - I should so be working right now - boy, am I going to be sorry in the morning. On the positive side, I have fully pre-cleaned for the cleaning lady to come tomorrow!

(4) I am falling in love. I find this last item is taking precedence over everything else!


Anonymous said...

Okay - so number 4 about made me cry!!!! That is just the sweetest thing.
Lisa in Australia :)

carrie said...

I hope #4 means what I think it means!

Carrie in TX (CCAIWCP)

Jenny & Robert said...

I hope you feel better friend. I'll be gone this Fri. and all next week. I'm off to Canada (last minute trip!) with my parents! I hope to come home to fantastic news on all things adoption-related!
Jenny G.

Sue said...

Oh My!!!
Does your DH know about #4?!!!! :)

Hope you are feeling better soon and get your camera back too!!

Heather said...

Of course, "falling in love" takes precedence over EVERYTHING!!! It is an awesome feeling! Hoping for good news soon!

Kristin said...

I keep checking back to hear about #4!! I hope it's soon!

Torrie said...

Your mysterious comments are making me nuts. Can't you give just a little hint?

Margaret Miracle said...

I am so happy you are falling in love...an amazing feeling isn't it. Can't wait until you can share!

Kristin said...

okay, just checking again. please let the #4 announcement be very soon!

Torrie said...

Thank you for your comment, Ashley. You are sooo in my thoughts right now :))))