Saturday, July 19, 2008

25 Down 75 To Go!!!

I have been so thrilled with all of the fabric that I have received for Baby Sissy's quilt. I started this week with the wish book and it has been so much fun. I hope that one day Baby Sissy will love to sit and show her big brother all of the love and support that went together to make her the quilt. The picture above is of a sample page of fabrics that you have already seen. I am really pleased with how it turned out for my first page!.

The picture above is of the fabric and wish that my friend Kim ("kimmie") gave to me for BS. The fabric has tons of little dogs on it and is so adorable. Kimmie and I are big dog lovers so it fits perfectly. I left a space in the book to put a picture of Kimmie and I so that Baby Sissy can see us together. Kim and I had the habit of taking very bizarre photos so hopefully I can find a good one!

The picture of the page above is of the incredibly beautiful fabrics and wishes from Amy's whole family. Amy recently was on her way from Missouri to Florida and met me at the McD's at the Newnan exit. The kids had so much fun together and it was so great to see Amy in person. Below are a couple pictures of the kids goofing around at McD's and my house.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Have Been Double Tagged!

I have been double tagged by my online friends, Sue and Kristen. Sue tagged me about a week ago, but I was so bummed about the referral situation that I didn't want to sound too negative with my 6 words. I was just starting to feel a bit better when I got tagged again. Kristen tagged me today so I guess I better step up to the plate. I am going to sleep on my words and update tomorrow!
Hopeful. I am hopeful that at the end of my journey my life will have been filled with joy and I will have brought joy to another life. I am hopeful that I will have the opportunity, however brief, to walk my children to the school bus and stand waiting for them when they return. I am hopeful that I will have the opportunity to be with my children through birthdays, graduation, weddings and the birth of my grandchildren. I am hopeful that my children never know the inside of a chemo room and will live in a world where cancer is no longer looming in the shadows. I am hopeful that one day I will have the opportunity to once again look into the eyes of my mom and dad and hear their laughter. I am hopeful that my husband and I can be the "fun" parents and that our kids and their friends like hanging out at our house. What it boils down to, is that I am just hopeful....
Mom. This word was actually a hard one for me because while I always wanted to be a mom, I never have really thought of it as a word that defines me. Since I was 3, I have always wanted to be an attorney. My plan was to be an attorney and have kids. Stopping, reducing or impacting my career was not something I really thought about. Then, came Harrison. The very night that he was born I told Hubs that I was completely in love and wanted more. At that moment when I looked at that little guys, I didn't care about my career, my professional success, or my financial situation. I knew that I wanted to be a mom and I wanted to be a mom above anything else. Since then, literally everything has paled in comparison. For the first 3 years I was able to rely on my mom to watch Harrison so I could continue to work. My mom was always the fun mom and a person that people loved to be with so when she died we all had a wake-up call. Who would plan the holidays, the vacations, the fun weekend trips? Who would make the house feel cozy, pamper guests and family members, and make sure that all was right in the world? The mom's just that now I was the only mom.
Work-A-Holic. In a way I am proud that I am a hard worker and in a way it's a curse. I work terrible hours - coming home often after my family is asleep and often working 6-7 days a week. No one tells me to work that much -- I just do it because people depend on me. My clients depend on me to provide them guidance, my partners depend on me to provide the level of service that we all pride ourselves on, my staff depends on me for their jobs, and like it or not, my family depends on me for the financial support that I can provide. I like that I can do this. Do I wish that I could spend more time at home? Yup, but to tell the truth when I get home I am the same way. Often I am up steam cleaning the carpets in the morning before work or trying to organize paperwork late at night. My Hubs constantly has a to-do list which drives him nuts and Harrison is very tired of me talking about his chores. I talked to Hubs about this one and even if I didn't "work" we both think I would be a work-a-holic. I need to try to be better at this because it often is an effort to relax and forget about the mountain of things to be done.
Stressed. I am stressed every single second of every moment of my life. I hate it and I know that it is terrible on my health and my family. I keep telling myself that when xyz happens, then I will focus on my stress level and health. I think I need to do that now.
Friend. I hope that people think of me this way. I would be honored if at the end of my time, someone can say that I was there for them and provided that person friendly support. To be honest, I pale in comparison to my friends. I have always been incredibly fortunate that I have had an amazing friend base. These ladies will literally do anything for me at any time. If I can be half the friend to them that they are to me, then I will be happy.
Honest. I am honest, sometimes brutally honest - or so I have been told. I often feel bad for my clients that I can easily talk about the bleak future that they face due to the realistic way that our legal system works. I think this one can be a mixed blessing and I am doing much better and learning when someone wants the truth and when someone doesn't. Of course you all know how this works - does this look good on me? have I gained weight? Hubs is perfect at always making me feel like I am the prettiest woman in the room, but you can tell sometimes he is lying - he thinks Angelina is ugly - ok, sorry but there is something wrong with that so I assume that he is just lying:)
Having completed this challenge, I will pass the torch onto a few friends. Some I know well, some I would like to know better from reading their blogs. Ladies, you need to pick 6 words that describe yourself and also tag friends. I think you will find its a bit harder than you thought. Amy, Amy B, Heather, Shay, Torrie and Jenny.

More Cuteness from the 4th!

Here are some more pictures of the Minnie Mr. & Drama Mama from the 4th that Miss Kim sent me from her camera. I love the first picture because it shows show smart these two are....they took pillows and bedding from around the house, went upstairs to the loft, and made a bunk bed fort in the closet. They had so much fun!

Check out the Drama Mama's curls. I LOVE her hair!!!

There are also pictures of the kids on the night of the 4th on their dad's shoulders and playing in the back of the car.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Week 3 of Turbo Jam

I started week 3 of Turbo Jam today. Last week went pretty well, but I was not as into it at the end of the week. This morning I was supposed to do 2 videos and I did one b/c I was running late. I will finish the other up later tonight. My bod isn't looking like my "before" photos yet. Can't figure out what is up with that!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Snake and the Kayak

The first photo is of the first snake we ran into. This snake later lost his life to a drunk redneck passerbyer in a wife beater who killed him with a stick to show us City folk how to rid the waters of danger.

This is the Drama Mama's dad, "Mr. Johnson" as Harrison calls him, kayaking in the river with the Drama Mamma and Minnie Mr.