Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dr. Pa and Dr. Harrison

Harrison's Pa had his 4th annual Doctor's day at Harrison's school for career day. Since I am still off from work, I was invited to come along. I am so happy that I did because Harrison was beaming! He loved being the assistant doctor and he just loved that his Pa was there in class. The kids went wild over Dr. Pa and asked all sorts of questions. What a great age to teach! At the end, I asked for a kiss and Harrison said no because we were in class. Then the teacher suggested we go outside and hug so no one will see and he agreed. It broke my heart, but I guess it was going to happen sooner than later.

Naptime at Casa Lanier

I would love to say that when the kids (rarely) nap that they are sweetly tucked into their beds, but that does not seem to be our life. Here are my two sweeties one afternoon this week.

Last Week's Snow

We actually got some snow last week in Georgia. While it was fun, I truly miss the sledding days of my childhood in Pennsylvania. Mike has never really been around that type of snow and Harrison has not either. I want to plan a trip next winter to a nice winter wonderland where we can all play and have fun. Until then, we had a good time with what we had. Piper actually caught a snowflake on her tongue on our way home, but once we got home and dressed her in her snow suit she was over the whole experience.