Saturday, July 12, 2008

Minnie Mr. & Drama Mama on the Coosawattee

These are some more cute pics from the July 4th weekend. On Saturday we had a lovely time tubing down the river. That is...until we ran into 3 snakes. After that it was off to the indoor pool!

Update on Shared List

The rumor is that the July big batch of children was added on Friday. Assuming this is true (which I think it is), we once again did not receive a referral off of this list.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Is the list here?

According to a poster on RQ ( at least 97 kiddos were added to the shared list last night. To me, this sounds like the large monthly batch. I think everyone has heard me whine enough to know what this means.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paper List Referrals Announced Today

The folks that received referrals off of the paper list were able to post their announcements today. It's such an exciting time to read all of the postings and see all of the pictures. I really am happy for them, but I find that I can't even get really "into" the emails anymore because it's too tough.
I checked the postings right before my 7 p.m. meeting which unfortunately just ended at 10:35 p.m. and saw the news. I quickly copied all of the information and posted it in my list of waiters. Once again, based on the information that was given 2 children that fit our profile were referred to families who are in "line" after us. I just don't understand, but you know what's worse...I am not sure I am going to even ask the agency. I feel completely emotionless about the whole thing and to be honest, I can't image that I will be given an answer that will make me feel any better. Haven't even told hubs, but with my hour ride home from work he will be asleep. Hopefully with my meeting distraction I won't be that distracted tomorrow.
Maybe all of this delay is because there are twins waiting for us on the next list...I guess a gal can dream!
Also, a family that had already received a referral got some heartbreaking news this week about their little one who they will be unable to now adopt. Without going into specifics please say a little prayer for this family and especially for this little girl will likely never have the opportunity to have a mommy and daddy. It's simply heartbreaking and unfair.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The New List

Looks like it will be next week before the shared list comes out for this month. This means that I will be crabby for at least another week - let's hope for Hub's sake not any longer!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Donations Do The Body Good!!!

Remember my wonderful friend, Amy, who spoils me so? Remember how I told you she was a good person? Well, she is and she has asked for the help of the blogging community.
Below is the information that I cut from her blog----please note that there is a somewhat threatening challenge sent my way at the end so I have to make her proud. If you can spare a few dollars for this cause, I would be incredibly greatful.
Please do not feel that you have to give a lot, but if you have a lot to give bring it on. Remember $5 is about the cost of one of those fancy coffees ---- instead would you like to help pay for a pair of lungs???
Feeling guilty? That was the point :)

Thanks guys!

Even before I decided to start a blog, I wanted to use it for more than just cute updates on my kids, adoption info and my random thoughts. Way back when some of my bloggy buddies were fundraising for their adoption on their blog, I thought that I would like to do something to raise money for someone else with my blog when I got it up and running.I have decided to have a quarterly fundraising challenge. Originally, I thought that I would want to raise money for adoptions, but for this initial challenge, I feel led in another direction.
For the past several months, I have been following this blog - and Tricia are currently raising money for the Greatstrides walk for Cystic Fibrosis.
I know there are probably only 10 people at best who follow my blog, but I challenge you to click on this site donate.
I am donating and want to see what we can do as a blogging community.If you donate, let me know. If you add it to your blog, let me know.Please don't make me look dopey for doing this:)
Ashley, you know who you are, this is a personal challenge to you to add this to your blog and donate:) You have at least twice as many readers as I do:)
P.S. If anyone knows the secret to keeping the paragraphs with a space between without putting something in that space - let me know. I have been using "." but it looks kindof silly.

Mountain Fun with the Drama Mama at the Park

More fun from the 4th of July festivities! The Drama Mama and Minnie Mr. hit the river park.

Monday, July 7, 2008

The Little Mrs. & Minnie Mr. Skyped

Skyped....can I make that a verb?
After much anticipation, we skyped this evening with The Little Mrs. in Australia. Unfortunately, The Minnie Mr. was super duper crabby and refused to participate. On the other hand, The Little Mrs. was beautiful. Her hair had grown into a lovely thick shoulder length bob and her accent sounded like Mary Poppins :) Her little brother, "Ethie," was also as handsome as ever.

Routine Email

Apparently it was a routine email in preparation of the next list......

Is there even a need to comment more about how miserable I am?
When I told Hubs, he said we can do it - just wait a little longer. Well, I have been waiting since December 2006 when we started this process and this will make our 13th month in the WC program. He then agreed that we could be crabby and miserable :)
Have people waiting longer? Yes. Does that make me feel better? No. Conclusion? This stinks!

Still biting my fingers...

Nothing, nada, zilch.....ugggghhh it's killing me! I knew that I should not read anything into that email. Their office is now up and running assuming they open at 8 or 8:30. Maybe I will at least hear why she sent the email so I can know whether it was standard or something better. Oh, I hope it's something better. I am wearing a maternity-like shirt just in case :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Summer Fun At The Park

Two Friday nights ago Harrison was invited to a spend the night at "Aunt Sherrie's" house. Aunt Sherrie was my mom's best friend and the little girl in the picture is her granddaughter - i would use her name, but I haven't asked her mom to make sure its ok. They went to Chuck E. Cheese and then home for a slumber party. The next morning started with homemade pancakes, a puppet show at the local theater and then fun at a local park. I met them at the park and caught these great pictures!

Uncle Jeff is a Graduate!

We are so proud of Uncle Jeff from graduating with a criminal justice degree. The ceremony was the weekend before the 4th and just lovely. Jeff worked really hard and we were so happy to celebrate his accomplishment with him. For those of you that don't know, Uncle Jeff is my hub's twin brother.

Of course, I left the ceremony having decided that I needed my PHD so that people have to call me Dr. :) Hubs didn't think that was too funny!

I Love My Secret Pal!

My Secret Pal is awesome, but I appear to be technically challenged here b/c I cannot get my pictures in the correct direction. Secret Pal, you always make us feel so special with your generous and fun presents. This one was super special because not only was it eco-friendly, but it had a swatch of fancy smancy fabric. Love it!!!!! Thanks so much Secret Pal!!!

Grandma Drama Mama

Last week we had a super special surprise. When I stopped by Drama Mama's house to say hello, there was something special waiting for us. Miss Kim had told her mom all about Baby Sissy and her special quilt and her mom went all out sending her special wish for Baby Sissy.
These fabrics are incredible, but my favorite is the one with all of the little kids on it of all nationalities - including a little Asian darling. On top of the great fabrics is a super super crafty page with fabric samples and a wonderful heartfelt wish. No wonder Miss Kim and the Drama Mama are so great, they have a great Mom/Grandma!

Thanks Grandma Drama Mama

Gotta love the fabric!

Baby Sissy received beautiful fabric from The Borman Family in Reno. They are part of my May 2007 LID group and we were just thrilled to receive this crafty wish and beautiful fabric! Aren't the colors fantastic? I can't wait to see how it looks when we put everything together. I have been completely humbled by the graciousness of families who take the time to contribute to this special tradition for Baby Sissy.

I'm Nervous....

...about what this week may bring. Rumor is a new shared list may hit the system this week. On top of that excitement we received a pretty innocuous email from our agency late Thursday night that has me eating my fingernails :)

Please say a little prayer for me this week that I can concentrate on what I need to concentrate on and that if a call does come that I don't freak out.

I am so behind on my blogging and I am going to try to catch up later tonight to fill this week. So many great things have happened. Oh, I and successfully finished week 1 of Turbo Jam. I celebrated with a gluttonous weekend in the mountains.