Thursday, July 10, 2008

Paper List Referrals Announced Today

The folks that received referrals off of the paper list were able to post their announcements today. It's such an exciting time to read all of the postings and see all of the pictures. I really am happy for them, but I find that I can't even get really "into" the emails anymore because it's too tough.
I checked the postings right before my 7 p.m. meeting which unfortunately just ended at 10:35 p.m. and saw the news. I quickly copied all of the information and posted it in my list of waiters. Once again, based on the information that was given 2 children that fit our profile were referred to families who are in "line" after us. I just don't understand, but you know what's worse...I am not sure I am going to even ask the agency. I feel completely emotionless about the whole thing and to be honest, I can't image that I will be given an answer that will make me feel any better. Haven't even told hubs, but with my hour ride home from work he will be asleep. Hopefully with my meeting distraction I won't be that distracted tomorrow.
Maybe all of this delay is because there are twins waiting for us on the next list...I guess a gal can dream!
Also, a family that had already received a referral got some heartbreaking news this week about their little one who they will be unable to now adopt. Without going into specifics please say a little prayer for this family and especially for this little girl will likely never have the opportunity to have a mommy and daddy. It's simply heartbreaking and unfair.

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