Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Mountain House

Here is a small glipse of the Mountain House. We try to go up two times a month and hopefully we are headed there this weekend. It is Harrison's favorite place to go!

Mike Hates This Outfit

When we were waiting for our referral, I bought a Baby Phat sweat suit for Piper. I love it. I know it is tacky, but I just think it is too cute on her. Mike cannot stand it and it drives him nuts when I dress her in it. What do you think?

Police Officer Day at Faith

Also known as....Daddy Day! Mike has been going to Faith for 3 years now and this year, Harrison was in the class. I was lucky that I also got to attend and take pictures. Doing little things like this makes me realize how much I have missed over the years. For how hard everything can be at times, I am really happy that we are working towards living a more simple life so we can have more family time.

The Fireman Comes To Faith

Harrison loves Community Worker Week at school because there are always fun people coming to school. This year, I was able to join the class for fireman, doctor and police officer day. Of course, it helped that I am related to two of those workers. Hmmm, wonder why there wasn't an attorney day? Probably because I would try my best to discourage anyone from being one :)

Its Hard To Share The Spotlight

Hmmmmm, where did Piper go?

More Easter Pics

Pretty Piper

On Easter Eve, I cut all Piper's hair off. Fortunately she is so beautiful that she looks good all the time. She was very silly Easter morning getting her hair done.

Piper's First Egg Hunt With Us

We are not sure if Piper had ever done an egg hunt before, but she was such a pro that I would not be surprised to hear that she did. Piper ran wild at the church and I lost track of Harrison completely, which is why I do not have pictures of my minnie mr. running for eggs. Both kids were VERY serious about gathering eggs.