Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Outfit Fits and Hair Pretties

When Piper opened the package yesterday we did not think the outfits would fit her. I was thrilled to get these pictures today! I think she looks cute and warm in her little outfit.

It is hard to see that she doesn't have that same radiant smile like she did at Philip Hayden. I know that she is loved and I have seen how happy she is with Jenny, but I think she is probably confused, scared, and worried she will be taken away again. She will be and that that thought is almost as heartbreaking as knowing she is waiting for us. I hate that I have to be the one to take her away from what she is growing to love. I know it will take her a LONG time to show me the same affection I feel for her and I cannot wait until I can see that radiant smile for myself.

Enough deep stuff!

The second photo had me laughing out loud. Turns out Piper took out all her hair pretties and put them in the baby boy's hair. Apparently he is a real sweetie and everyone loves him. Guess he needed to look pretty too!
Do you think immigration will notice if I sneak him in my carry-on? Man, I wish! I know, I know, I am being greedy, but it is so hard not to fall for the sweet adorable faces of the kids you see waiting.
Hmmm, better start saving my pennies!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

My Baby Girl

She looks so beautiful and so grown up.
See my hair pretties? Mommy sent me these in the first package.
My First M&M
I am hooked!

If I Could Write A Letter...

Dear China,

I think that you must be eager to send us something. It is called a LOA.
I know how you must feel, because I am a procrastinator too. Let me make it easier on you...just put the LOA in the envelope and send it. You can also send it electronically and I understand that you are very good at electronics.

You see there is a darling little lady that I would like to meet. In fact, I think I will take her off your hands for you. I am also willing to take a few more cuties if you are feeling extra generous and want to send us a little extra surprise.
Thank You!
NOW COME ON WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!

New Purse

Since my travel purse has received a bad wrap, I have entered to win a new purse and you can too.

Visit for a chance. Good luck.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Thank You Heather and Hubs!!!

My dear friend turned personal assistant and I were chatting about the lost passports at lunch today when Hubs stopped by for a little gab fest. As we were walking down the hall, Heather said "you know that ugly purse you were carrying for a while after you cruise?"

Say what? "What ugly purse?"

"You know the green one that looks like you are backpacking through Europe that is a travel purse. You know, the one you used for a good 2 months after you returned from your trip?"

"Yes, I like that purse."

"It's ugly. Anyway, see if the passports are in there since you went out of the country TWO MONTHS before you changed your purse back."

So, I sent Hubs home with a mission. Where the purse was I had no idea. Just got a call that Hubs found it in the back of the closet, on the shelves, inside another bag.

Guess what was in it....


Thank You Heather (for making the mean yet oh-so-helpful comments), Thank You Hubs (for being my at-home personal assistant), Thank You God (for everything) and Thank You ME - for carrying such a memorable purse for so long that is geared solely towards international travel and apparently disturbs those close to me!
P.S. After telling Heather she did a moonwalk in my office and asked that I add how beautiful she is.

Good News!

I found the camera! Yippee. It was way way way under my car seat. Batteries are dead, but I picked up a new pack this morning.

Mike also just phoned and said he found Harrison's passport in storage. I am very happy, but ours were not with his. I know that I pulled them out for the adoption stuff and for a trip I took in January. At least with 1 found it will cut down the reproduction costs, if needed.

Tonight I will start my hunt again for the others!