Monday, October 6, 2008

Thank You Heather and Hubs!!!

My dear friend turned personal assistant and I were chatting about the lost passports at lunch today when Hubs stopped by for a little gab fest. As we were walking down the hall, Heather said "you know that ugly purse you were carrying for a while after you cruise?"

Say what? "What ugly purse?"

"You know the green one that looks like you are backpacking through Europe that is a travel purse. You know, the one you used for a good 2 months after you returned from your trip?"

"Yes, I like that purse."

"It's ugly. Anyway, see if the passports are in there since you went out of the country TWO MONTHS before you changed your purse back."

So, I sent Hubs home with a mission. Where the purse was I had no idea. Just got a call that Hubs found it in the back of the closet, on the shelves, inside another bag.

Guess what was in it....


Thank You Heather (for making the mean yet oh-so-helpful comments), Thank You Hubs (for being my at-home personal assistant), Thank You God (for everything) and Thank You ME - for carrying such a memorable purse for so long that is geared solely towards international travel and apparently disturbs those close to me!
P.S. After telling Heather she did a moonwalk in my office and asked that I add how beautiful she is.


HT said...

Wow, that Heather must be awesome, smart, cute and brilliant! You must get so excited working with her every day! :)

Kristin said...

Yeah for Heather!!! So glad the passport issue is solved. Now, time to get on that plane!

Jenny & Robert said...

Yay! Now that's what I call a fantastic Monday!

Sue said...

Hooray!!!! So glad you have all the passports and your camera!!! Now hurry up and get those visas girl!!!

Ashley and Mike said...

Hmmmmm, the moonwalker suspiciously has the same initials as our first poster :)

Margaret Miracle said...

Any friend that wonderful has to be down right GORGEOUS!! So happy you found them!

Heather said...

Yippee! Glad you found the camera and most importantly the passports. Our time should be soon you know! Those passports will be important! Still no LOA here- any rumors?

Anonymous said...

Hey Margaret - I totally agree! :) Thanks for the positive comment, signed, gorgeous wonderful friend of Ashley's.

The Hindsman's said...

You go girl!!! (That is to Heather) I am sore glad that is off your to do list.