Saturday, August 11, 2007

Let's Crush those Tumor Markers!

Nanni got some really good news yesterday....her tumor markers have dropped from 260,000 to 50,000!!!! We are so excited and just wish that she felt better. She has been feeling really bad the past couple of days and H has been having a really hard time seeing Nanni so upset. This picture is from a week before she got her diagnosis (May) and is in Disney.

Thomas Comes to Town

Today H and I went on a very special date. We went to see Thomas at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and it was superb. H gave me about 100 kisses on our date and said he had so much fun. I tried to get some good pictures, but H insisted on doing his funny faces for the camera.
H was so excited to see that Thomas, Percy, Diesel, and Trublesome Truck were all in the show along with 3 conductors and Sir Topham Hat. H loved to interact with the show and had no problems yelling out on cue!
H was so easy to take on our date together. Even though there was so much excitement he always held my hand and did a great job staying in his seat (which is sometimes difficult). He actually did have fun, but when I tried to take the pictures below before the show started he almost looked comatosed!
After the show we even say some friends of ours in the lobby. It was so exciting that after the show H and I had to take a long nap at Nanni's house. Poor Nanni was so bored, even Pa was asleep!

Friday, August 10, 2007

My Buddy Uncie

H loves his "Uncie." Uncie is H's great, great uncle and lives in the next town on a fun farm. H loves to go to Uncie's farm and run around, but tonight Uncie met us at Cracker Barrell. Needless to say, Uncie was surprised that H can eat 4 buttered biscuits all in one sitting.

Uncie spent a lot of time telling H about life and rocking on the front porch while Daddy tried to get the doors unlocked (Nana- Daddy's Mom - locked the keys in the car). Daddy couldn't do it, the police couldn't do it, but a big purple wrecker did it! Yippee for AAA and the purple truck with the hook, as H calls it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

First Day of School

H's first day of school was today and he was so excited to go and meet his new teacher, Ms. Joan. He really wanted to go to his "old" class across the hall, but we managed to get him in the right spot. H did great...his dad - not so well. I guess there always has to be a crybaby on the first day of school :)

These pictures were taken on our front porch before school. H looks so cute, but I realized later that my lens was fogged b/c it was about 100 outside!

Here are H and Daddy on the way to school. Of course, I had to ride up front alone.

This is H outside of his beautiful school made of stone. It is just stunning, but I guess I cut it out of the photo. Oops!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Boondogle with Nanni

Nanni had a great idea the other day and bought H a poster board and markers. H drew Nanni a beautiful picture and they had so much fun together.

Too Cool for School!

This was our practice run for school that starts on Wednesday and H wanted to make sure he was wearing Mommy's shades so he would look cool! I also want to point out this is my neighbor's yard with the funny crop circle, not mine.
And, then I gave him a mask so he could look just like Mommy. ha ha :)

More Cutsie Chemo Girl

Here are some more pics of the Cutsie Chemo Girl! We go for the scan in a week to see what the chemo is doing, so we could sure use a few prayers!