Saturday, August 11, 2007

Thomas Comes to Town

Today H and I went on a very special date. We went to see Thomas at the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra and it was superb. H gave me about 100 kisses on our date and said he had so much fun. I tried to get some good pictures, but H insisted on doing his funny faces for the camera.
H was so excited to see that Thomas, Percy, Diesel, and Trublesome Truck were all in the show along with 3 conductors and Sir Topham Hat. H loved to interact with the show and had no problems yelling out on cue!
H was so easy to take on our date together. Even though there was so much excitement he always held my hand and did a great job staying in his seat (which is sometimes difficult). He actually did have fun, but when I tried to take the pictures below before the show started he almost looked comatosed!
After the show we even say some friends of ours in the lobby. It was so exciting that after the show H and I had to take a long nap at Nanni's house. Poor Nanni was so bored, even Pa was asleep!

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