Friday, July 20, 2007

Never Drink Yellow Bath Water

"Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with this just looks yellow!"

"See, taste...I told you so. Baths are important because you can also clean your teeth!"

"Why are you looking at me like that...the water tastes great!"

"Its so hard trying to explain things to kids younger than me....see how frustrated I get!"

These pictures really cracked me up. This is my son and his cousin who is 18 months and its their first bath together. They had a ball in the bath, but what I didn't realize is that the yellow Elmo fizzy tab would make the bath water look like "tee-tee" water in all the photos. Of course being boys, they loved it.

Boys Love Trucks!

Today was the classic all boy day. I straightened up a bit this morning while my son played "cars." This involves lining up all of the cars in a parade, parking all of the cars in a parking lot formation, crashing all of the cars together, and best of all making the cars flip through the air like the Dukes of Hazard. Lately after our morning routine, we have been heading out to Nanni's house to help, but today we did something a little different...we went to the pool.

We really love the pool although we find that we only go about once every other week or so. This morning, there were a few moms and many children my son's age. Now, you would think that my son would love to play with the kids, but NO! Instead, he gathered everyone else's toys and played with them, found a frog in the bathroom that he convinced the lifeguard to rescue, and best of all...he forced me into the water mushroom about 100 times laughing hysterically b/c I was soaked. Of course, I couldn't go in the mushroom in just my bathing suit....No, I had to bring my towel in case his eyes got wet.

So, there I was the ONLY mom playing with her child and the ONLY mom soaked from head to toe with a towel in the water. The other neighborhood moms must have thought I was a nut. Good thing I am usually working full time b/c they had no idea who I was.

After the pool we went to Nanni & Pa's house for the day. My son had packed all of his cars in his backpack, but realized when we got there that he had left "Snot Rod" at home. For those of you that do not have a little boy, Snot Rod is a big deal in the movie "Cars"...or at least to my son who thinks every single vehicle in Cars is a big deal. After unpacking all vehicles and introducing them one by one to Nanni (after telling her to stop talking during the introductions about 5 times), the parade, parking lot, crashing, and Dukes' jumps started all over again. This lasted for most of the day only to be broken by at least 10 trips up the driveway to see the "Diggers" constructing the house next door. This may seem like no big deal, but Nanni & Pa have a driveway the length of a football field. I got my exercise today!

The perfect day had a perfect ending as my son read Pa at least 4 Christmas books in the nude....Gee, did I forget that...about 3/4 of the day was spent in the buff. Not sure if its a boy thing or just a thing for my boy but he loves to go au natural! I finally convinced him back into his boxer briefs for the ride home, on which he immediately feel asleep and is currently asleep on my hubby's shoulder.

What a perfect day! For any of you that are reading this that are waiting to adopt a little boy from China - you are going to love it! I always thought I wanted ALL girls...there hasn't been a boy in my family for 62 years. I was so nervous the whole time I was pregnant that I would not know what to do with a little boy, but that changed the second I saw him. It was love at first sight and it gets better day by day - including my perfect today!

Monday, July 16, 2007

A Wise Man Once Told Me To Always Carry A Big Stick!

Granparents are great and my son sure has some good ones! My son simply adores his "Pa." They are like two peas in a pod and my son mimics him all of the time. Lately, we have been spending a lot of time at Nanni and Pa's house and my son loves it.

Nanni and Pa have a really long driveway so the other day Pa and my son set out for a journey up the driveway to see the diggers, which are building a house next door. Looking at the two of them together was adorable. My son chatted the entire way up and entire way down explaining to Pa what the diggers were doing and the best way to carry a stick.

"Pa, It's hard work carrying this big stick!"

"Look casual...never let them see you sweat!"

"Better catch up, I am taking the lead."

"Pa, you are so fast!!!"

"Pa, that was a piece of cake...just follow me next time...I am a pro!"