Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Handsome Drew

Remember I mentioned that my bloggie friend, Heather, was in China now picking up her handsome new minnie man? I decided to ask if I could introduce and post pictures of her handsome man and she said yes. I was so excited, but I couldn't pick so I am posting 3.

Drew is so handsome. Even my neighbor called me today and told me she was smitten over Drew. We just think he is perfect! Check him out for yourself. Also, if you can hope on over to Heather's blog and tell her what a lady killer her son is!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My Christmas Present

Our LOA came today right at 3 p.m. Mike and Harrison ran to my office to sign it so that we could get it back in the mail for the agency to send to China. The LOA itself is a certificate with a red seal that shows the date that China approved us as Piper's parents.

Wanna guess when it was signed?

Christmas Day.

Amazing and my best gift ever!

Jenny also sent me another goodie today. Remember how I mentioned that Baby Sissy has a strange love for her highchair? Well, check out this picture. All the kids are sitting nice on the floor and there is Piper, smiling and playing in her chair. She has her big brother's Rudolph slippers on and looks like she is having so much fun! What a silly girl.

Thank You Charlene!

This is why we had to wait so long. The above picture is Rivers and Piper. Rivers will be living a few states away and we are all so happy the girls can leave Eagles Wings together!

Hey lady, why are you taking pictures of me?

I'm sweet. Yup, I already have mommy and daddy wrapped around my finger!

Hi cutie patootie! These photos were taken just mere hours ago. My girl looks so big and so beautiful. Charlene said she was shy and sweet.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Thank You So Much and More Details

When I received the LOA email, I was so excited and it was so surreal. I immediately had a bit of a panic as I thought of having to be in an airplane for so long, but then recovered and the rest of my day was wonderful. I had a smile on my face. I real smile and not a fake smile. There was such a feeling of relief and now total excitement. I wanted to post the LOA news right away so you could all know so I apologize that it was not flashy or in more detail. Since posting I have received so many comments and emails from many of you and it is just amazing. Thank you all so much for following our journey and sharing in our lives. I wish that I could meet you all in person and I am so lucky that I get to start with some VERY special local ladies that have been a shoulder of support for me. ---Kristin and Karen this means you - just in case you were confused :)
Since my initial post, the day has just gotten better and better. Some of you may remember that I keep mentioning Rivers who is with Piper at Eagles Wings. When Piper Skypes with us Rivers is usually with her because Piper is pretty shy and she feels more comfortable with Rivers there. River's family was a few weeks behind us so we did not think we would travel together. In fact, back in the day we thought for sure we would be there before Christmas and Janie (River's mom who I actually got to talk to in person today!!!) and her family would be following after the New Year. Well, throughout this wait I wondered why this was happening. You know...the "why me" pity party. Well, I think I know now. I think we needed to wait for Rivers. Did you guess???? Yup, River's LOA came too which means the girls will leave together. Janie and I are so excited and deep down I just know this was the right timing.
After hearing back from Janie (who I think has esp because she emailed me this morning with her cell number in case we had any news) that they received LOA, I was even more excited. We may miss Jenny as she is set to leave on February 11th for Australia, but I just refuse to think about it until someone tells me for sure. I told her if that happens that I will just have to save my pennies to come back. Ummm, I do have a handsome little man at PHF that I have been eyeing :) So, now I am on Cloud 9. But, it gets better.
I start emailing with Charlene who is in Henan right now after picking up her uber delicious yummy little gal, Grace. Grace was an PHF with Piper and I would love to post a picture because she is oh so adorable, but I want to get her mommy's permission first. So, Charlene and I are emailing chatting and she mentions that she met my friend, Heather, in China that morning. What? I am so jealous. My bloggie friends are meeting each other and China didn't invite me :( Charlene is telling me about her 4 wonderful kids, giving me tips on the trip, telling me about PHF, etc. and then I mention that if she happens to be going to the orphanage and has time can she stop by and see Piper. Super Woman Charlene - who is in China and its the middle of the night - emailed me back several times getting her Chinese name, etc. and then emailed Eagles Wings to find out how to get there. Is this amazing!!!!!! If she is able to she should be there in the next couple of hours. Now, she may not be able to, but she may be able to and that is just so exciting I do not know if I can sleep. If she can, she will be meeting my sweet wonderful Piper. I cannot wait to check and see if she did tomorrow morning. Oh, and the cherry on top is that when looking on her blog I found a new picture of Piper with Grace at PHF and a picture of our handsome sponsor child, Jacob Jai, too.
I also heard from my friend, Heather, today who has met her darling son, Drew. Heather endured way too much getting to China with a travel nightmare and I was so happy when Charlene said they met. I have been stalking her blog for pictures of her minnie man and will steal one and bring it over in a minute. I didn't ask her, but its a public blog...and, she is in China...what is she going to do!!
Can you believe all of this????
So, it gets better. When I get home at about 10:30 p.m. from work, there are some items on the kitchen counter for me. One is a soft envelope from my Secret Pal Joy. I thought, hmmm...what is this? I was speechless when I opened it. Ladies, this woman who is so amazing, so thoughtful and so kind sent me a birthday gift and it is BEAUTIFUL! I will take a picture for the blog, but it is a stunning craftty natural picture frame that I cannot wait to put a picture of my two minnie loves in. Joy, you amaze me. I am so lucky to have you as a friend. I'll be stalking your blog in a moment to gush over there...oh and Facebook too. By the way, I keep forgetting to mention that I need to meet your Dad. He is so funny on Facebook!
Another item on my kitchen counter was a handmade Birthday card from Piper. It was an adorable card and under it was a Garmon. The card said...."Mommy, do you think you can use this to come get me now?" Thank you Hubs for such a sweet card and wonderful gift!
Ladies, yesterday and today were hard. The end of the year is rough at work and I am drained. Then, the reality of life is sometimes just too darn real. I miss my family. I am 36 and both of my parents have died from cancer. My sister isn't thrilled with me after my mom's death and I am the only biological child of a family who has all died from cancer. This birthday was just harder than last year. My mom was 36 when my Dad died and she was left to raise my sister and I alone. Maybe that is why? She seemed to mature, so adult, so together. I still feel like a kid who is pretty good at faking being an adult. I don't mind getting older, that is not the part that bothers was just something about this age...and something about time passing. I guess I was sad and I still am sad, but today made it SO SO much better.
Today has given me hope.
Rejuvenated my spirit.
Healed a part of my soul.
You have all helped me to get here and have been a part of this journey.
Thank you!

An Update...

Did I get you to pop over because of the title?

I hope so because I have some news to share.

We received our....




Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me & Day 138

Well, the posts says it all. Today is my birthday. Jack surprised me with a beautiful cake and gorgeous diamond necklace. Way way way more than I expected and deserve considering how crabby I have been. We all went to Outback and had a great dinner. Poor Mike was sleeping most of the day, but he promised that I can go into any store I want and get whatever I want. Dangerous offer if you ask me...can you buy Botox at a store :)

It is also Day 138 waiting for LOA from the day our agency sent our LOI to China (more since referral). We REALLY need a LOA to come soon for my sanity and so that I can stop snapping and being crabby to dear Hubs. Please pray that we hear soon...really in the next 36 hours. Please also pray that we can meet Jenny while we are there. She is set to go to Australia February 11th-March 5th so the odds are not looking so good that we will meet and that is pretty hard for me to grasp.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Wanna Meet Zi Yi?

She sure is a doll! Hope over to Piper's Promise to meet one of the new little ones at Eagles Wings 1.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Jenny, Piper and You Peng

Jenny Nai Nai sent me this picture too of the kids getting ready for the holiday celebrations. I think Jenny looks beautiful in this picture! Piper is wearing the sweater that we sent her and he is posing with her "best mate," You Peng.

You Peng is a darling little guy who is under school age so is with Piper during the day when the other little ones are at school. You Peng is waiting for a family to love him and choose him and has many special needs. Jenny said that he is beautiful with a face that a mother would love. She said that Piper sees beyond any of his physical differences and they are like two peas in a pod. She said they spend their days together, mimic each other and are each other's best mates. Please pray that You Peng finds a family. I remember his face and as I recall, he was with our agency but no one chose him as their child. It is heartbreaking to see a child's picture with a listing that their file is being sent back to China, but now that I "know" him it is even harder. So, please keep this little guy in your hearts. When we go to China to get Piper, he will be loosing his little friend. Rivers and two other little ones will probably also be leaving at the same time. For how hard it is to wait for Piper, I cannot imagine how hard it will be for the kids to be left behind.

Piper and Santa

Jenny sent me one more of Piper and Santa. This picture made my day!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

It was late at night on Christmas Eve. Harrison was snug in his bed after a last minute need for a hot dog. The cookies and milk were waiting for Santa a.k.a. Mimmie, who hoped up on the table to play her part when we were not looking. Mommy and Daddy were able to sit and talk alone which is very rare with our crazy schedules. Of course, Hubs pulled his back out and can barely move which makes him a captive audience. As we prepared for sleep, we knew Piper was enjoying a day of Christmas parties. In fact, Santa was coming at 2.

Harrison woke up in the middle of the night to sleep on the couch and did not even notice the presents. This morning he woke us up with such magic in his voice. You see, apparently Santa was slow moving and Harrison caught a hold of him. Harrison's tale started with Santa coming down the chimney and Harrison pretending to be asleep. Then, as Santa was putting out the gifts, Harrison grabbed his coat and put him in the antique stove. As Harrison was looking over his presents, Santa slipped out. Harrison was so excited and made me feel many fabrics as he compared them to the feel of Santa's suit. Then, just like my sister and I used to do, he set about separating the gifts into piles.

As Harrison went to work, we started snapping the pictures. I am so happy to be able to capture this sweet picture of my girl on her 15th Christmas. It is our 14th Christmas together as I adopted her from the pound at 6 months. As usual, my sweet Mona Lisa loved to curl up in the presents, paper and fun when she wasn't curled up with us.

The opening of presents began and Harrison blessed us with one of his dances. Man, that boy can groove.

After the presents, fun and feast, I went to my computer. We had spoken to Piper Christmas morning. She was wearing the Christmas sweater we sent and the Rudolf slippers that used to be her brothers. They had already had one party and another one was coming up. Jenny Nai Nai was dressing up as Santa. Jenny was so sweet to send me my Christmas present in the form of pictures.

According to Jenny, my girl was a bit frightened of Santa. These pictures are priceless and we are so lucky we have the ability to talk to her and receive them. I cannot wait until she is with us for Christmas.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Her Smile Melts My Heart

Jenny Nai Nai has been telling me how Piper is in love with the highchair. Apparently she wants to sit in it all of the time and when another child sits in it, she cries. We had been debating on whether we needed a "soft" highchair. We have a pressback reproduction highchair that I love, but it is not comfy like the more modern styles. When Jenny initially told me, Mike and I went to Babies R Us, but I did not see anything that tempted me to by a soft one. Well, this picture certainly did. I am hitting Tar-J sometime this weekend to buy my gal a soft seat.

Look below and notice that her shoes and socks are off. Jenny said she has a real issue with this. The floors are tile and it is freezing inside - literally - apparently icicles hang from the ceiling. Piper refuses to keep socks and shoes on. Jenny said she tries and tries and Piper screams, cries and takes them off. Sounds like a bit of a sensory issue to me. Anyone know? Guess I need to read up on that. Doesn't she look like a puffy marshmellow?

I also have to mention that the top photo is one of the very first pictures since Philip Hayden that I can see true unguarded joy in her face. Her walls are coming down. Please pray that we are able to comfort her as she faces yet another transition. I can only imagine how terrifying and difficult it will be for her. I cannot wait till I see that same sweet smile in our home.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Cutest Elfs

My wonderful friend, Amy, put together a little Jib Jab with her kids and mine. ( that sounds nice!) The picture is above and is so adorable. Amy has been an amazing friend and I cannot wait to meet up with her in Disney - soon! On the left are the soon- to-be BFFs - MeiLi and Piper. Beautiful and smart Kate is in the middle - she asked me to adopt a child more her age :) Then, the sweet lovey minnie men are on the right - Sam and Harrison. I think they sure look cute together!
To see our kids in action, try clicking on the link:
Amy, thank you so much for being such a great friend to a person who is not so great at returning calls, emails, picking up the phone or sending cards - all things that you do making our whole family feel special.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

All For Piper

Yesterday was a bad day for me. I had a that I swear has been with me for almost 2 weeks. Work was crummy and long and one of my bloggie friends emailed me with terrible, horrible, wretched news...the cost of her plane tickets.

I won't mention any names, but it was bad. I told her I was going home to throw up and cry. I know it wasn't my tickets, but its not fair and of course, I also selfishly fear for myself.

Anyway, I decided that I needed to liquidate and since we moved we really do not live in a golf course neighborhood anymore. So, I listed my very first Mother's Day gift. People flocked. Umm, wanna know why? Well in my migraine state of deliriousness, I listed it on a few local sites for the price that the golf cart dealer said we could trade it for...not sell it for. Needless to say, the phone rang off the hook and I soon realized my mistake. However, being good to my word I let people come over and see it.

The first girl wanted it, but needed to wait until the morning. Ok, clear. The second guy called and found out the first girl wanted it. He showed up with a trailer and crisp new $100 bills. We took one last spin with the neighbors and she was packed up to go. The guy got a great steal because of my mistake, but oh well...its just money.

So now someone in PTC is the happy new owner of a super cart and I have a nice little roll of $100s in the stash spot for "Piper Money." Hubs doesn't even know its gone. Harrison was upset until I told him it was for money to go get Sissy and he then said ok. So sweet. Then he asked for a brother instead :)

Please say a prayer for my sweet friend who is spending way way way more than most have to so that her darling little man doesn't stay waiting. I know it will be worth every single penny!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Look Who Santa Brought With Him

Harrison and Ava were so excited to see the friends that Santa brought with him. What a surprise! I am hopeful that the breakfast with Santa left the kids with a little bit of magic in their hearts.

John The Baptist

Is it me or does he remind you of Wilson from Castaway? I simply adore him!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Breakfast With Santa

What a special Saturday morning we had. The Minnie and I woke up early to meet Drama Mama and her family to go to breakfast with Santa. It was a magical morning for Harrison and Ava.

The day started off with the Minnie posing with an adoption house necessity - Toddler Adoption. I asked him why he needed to pose with the book and he said because it was very important to get a picture of it with the tree.
I am not sure if you can see, but Harrison just made the cutest John The Baptist out of a water bottle. It reminds of Wilson from Tom Hank's movie where he is lost at sea. John The Baptist is a keeper. I just know I will have him forever so I stuck him in the tree for safe keeping.
P.S. please excuse the tree as it is only about 1/10 decorated and we cannot find our box of Christmas ornaments.

Then, my scrum dillie picked up Dasher for a sweet picture.

Santa spoke to Harrison and Ava. They were both mesmerized. After having them sit on his lap and talking about what they want, Santa wanted to take some time to talk to them about family relationships. Harrison and I had really been struggling that morning and for the past couple of days. That morning I told him that Santa knew how he was behaving. As Santa started to talk, you could see Harrison's expression change.

Then, it was this exact moment when Santa was explaining to the kids that they have to listen, be helpful and be kind to their parents. Harrison knew....Santa heard! I love this shot. At the same time I was taking the picture, I mouthed to him..."I told you he would know." What a magical moment.

There is so much to share in other posts, but I want to end on another magical picture. The entire time that Ava was talking to Santa, she would hold his finger tips and rub back and forth. It was adorable. Even when she would get shy and not say anything, she was holding and rubbing his finger tips. It was pure magic. Take a look...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby Sissy Is A Big Girl

My heart was healed this morning when my bloggie friends posted pictures of Piper.

On the sidebar is a blog link, Table for Six. Bob and Jill are adopting Drew who is from Piper's orphanage. Drew and Piper also spent a year together at Philip Hayden. Drew looks to be very outgoing and Piper is very shy so I am not sure if they interacted at all. I am running very late this morning because I spent so much time going through all of the photos, but I had to post a few for inspiration for my day.

Please China, send me an LOA before she gets much bigger. She looks like she growing so fast!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

LOA -- Wanna Guess...

Hmmmm, let me give you a hint on whether it came...

Its a big.....




Please Let Me Break The Silence!!!!

LOAs are arriving. We have been waiting so so so long. I think we are at about day 130. Please pray that ours is in this batch!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Movies In Flight To Eagles Wings

Thank you all SO SO SO much for helping raise money and donating the movies. We have had such a great time gathering the toys. Earlier this week, I mailed to boxes to China with all the toys and the Christmas movies. The remainder of the movies are going in the morning. Here is the rundown...
1. Sesame Street Christmas 3 pack.
2. Veggie Tales - God Made You Special
3. Ni Hao Kai-Lan - Super Special Days
4. Mary Poppins - 40th Anniversary 2 disc set.
5. Veggie tales - Duke and the Great Pie War
6.All About Cars and Motorcycles
7. The Sound of Music 40th anniversary
8. All About Farms and Horses
9. Caillou's World of Wonder
10. Where the Wild Things Are and other stories
11. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
12. All About Astronauts
13. the Berenstain Bears Mind their Manners
14. The Bearnstain Bears Christmas
15. All About trains and Airplanes
16. All About Fire Engines and Construction
A special thanks to Janie and Heather who sent movies over. You guys are so amazing and I cannot wait to meet you in person.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Still No LOA for Piper

LOA is the approval we are waiting for that China has said absolutely yes. Typically families are in China and home by now, but of course we are special. We are on about day 115+ or something and still no word. Also, our agency is not telling us anything. The lack of customer service and information is really concerning. I am sad and upset, but there is nothing we can do but wait.

So to cheer me up, here is an old adorable photo of my Minnie Mr. at his Montessori School that he used to go to. This was right before his first haircut and he looks so cute. His daddy dressed him for school pictures and put his pants on backwards. If I can find a full body shot I will post it because it is hilarious.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!!

Downtown Holiday Jacket and Pant GIVEAWAY!!!!

Eagles Wings Presents

Take a look at the goodies to go in this weeks box to Eagles Wings. I have already transferred $618 that you all have helped me raise! The presents are some that I have bought and some that people have sent. A HUGE thanks to Heather who sent me about 10 DVDs yesterday for the kids. Heather's blog is locked, but she is now the mom to 3 kiddos, one of which (Lillian) is waiting in China. Lillian is extra special because she now gets to come into the family as the middle child since George was just born a couple of weeks ago.

Harrison and I worked on Sissy's room last night. Take a look at her bed...I think it turned out really cute. I cannot wait to finish the whole room!

Good Night Stars, Good Night Moon...


Good Night Friends, I'll See You Soon.

And, for the finale...the Minnie Mister with chocolate pie on his face holding "Dinnie" in Sissy's bed :)

Day 105