Saturday, May 16, 2009

Zoo Pictures

Blogspot is freezing on the second load of photos so I am having to post more than 5 pictures separately.

More Zoo Atlanta Pictures

The Monkeys at Zoo Atlanta

My hot Minnie Mr. in his "baby beater" riding at the park.

The Drama Mama "caught" in the tree.

The massage chair was a HUGE hit.

The kids have been having a ball at Zoo Atlanta thanks to our 100% deductible season's pass (yes, I still have not finished my taxes). It is about to run out because it was my Mother's Day present next year, but we have chosen Six Flags seasons passes for this year. Fun fun fun!

Darn Yankie Mommy

Yes, I am completely outnumbered by southern sweet tea drinkers in my family. I will happily sip an unsweet tea, but ugggg....the Mrs. Winners sweet tea makes me want to gag. Apparently it has the opposite effect on my hot babies after a day at Zoo Atlanta.