Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Please Pray for Jacob Jai

Jacob Jai is our sponsor child at Phillip Hayden Foundation and was one of Piper's dear friends when she was there. We instantly fell in love with him as we waited for Piper and noticed that he was in all of her photos. We went early to China to meet him, feeling that we would be pursuing his adoption when we returned. He is AMAZING. The picture below is the first one we saw with Piper where we fell in love.

Obviously, that was not meant to happen.
We came home and Piper had problems bonding with daddy so we delayed. Then, months later we felt comfortable and started moving forward. We had many agencies looking for his file and one in particular went above and beyond - even calling China on many occasions. The foster home reps were also helping us, but everyone's story was the same in the end....the orphanage prepared his paperwork and then sent it to the local provincial office, which allegedly it has sat on the officer's desk for over a year. All contacts claim there is nothing they can do. I was heartbroken, but then we got the call about Dang Gang and I thought maybe it was meant to be that Jacob Jai be the son of another family. To date, there is no movement on his adoption. His file is probably still sitting on that desk - I am afraid to ask or check whether he is on the shared list - because then what would I do.

Today I received our sponsorship update report and many pictures of Jacob Jai. I just cannot look at him and not feel that he is meant to be a part of our family. It is very hard. Mike said that there is no way we could adopt another child after Dang Gang. I hope that he changes his mind and said that if I EVER hear that he is on the list, I will come asking.
So here is my request...I need prayers that his paperwork will be found and processed through the system, and that a wonderful family will step forward, and that wonderful family will have a blog or something where I can get a glimpse of this amazing kid's life.
He is amazing - a child that stands out and captures your heart.