Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Great Day In Peachtree City

We had the best time a couple of weekends ago in Peachtree City. Mike and I both decided not to work and we took Harrison to the path around the lake. This was his first time with his bike out on the "open road." I told Mike not to worry that we would just jog beside him and it would be great exercise since we are trying to start running.


Well, let me tell you something....My Minnie Mr. and his Thomas bike fly light a bat out of you know where! I had to run full speed the whole time just to keep him in sight. Mike, the one who is actually training himself to run, immediately gave up, but yet continued to yell like a maniac every time a golf cart would come. Poor hubs is so overprotective!


For my PTC area friends, I do not even want to tell you what I saw in the lake. I still get "yucky" when I think about it. In fact, I over reacted so much to it that I drew a little crowd. Yikes!!!!!

Also, Harrison did not fall for real, but when I stood on the side and showed him what to do when he fell, he thought it was so great that he faked his fall about 20 times. Each time, I had to yell "Man Down" or I was scolded immediately!

Jelly Fish at the Atlanta Aquarium

The other weekend we took a trip to the Atlanta Aquarium with my aunt and uncle who were visiting. Mike used to work at the Aquarium and we all had season passes and never went. That was a mistake on our part, but at the time we were both commuting to Atlanta to work and just didn't want to drive back on the weekends.

Well, everyone still knows and apparently loves Mike because not only did we all get in, but we received all the extra special treatment that we used to get when he was there. It is just so wonderful to be on top of the tanks where the specialists are watching the whale sharks eat. And the belugas...oh, how I fell in love with them this time. It seems over the past couple of years that their personalities have really blossomed. I swear they interact and when we were on top of the tank they would watch us and "talk."

It is amazing and we are all so lucky to be able to experience this special sneak peek. Unfortunately, we were having so much fun that I did not take any pictures except for the jelly fish. They were beautiful and the lighting was just amazing. I could sit and watch them for the longest time.

LOAs are hitting the US

No word for ours yet, but we are still hopeful.

Update: Surprise, Surprise is did NOT come. So, we wait some more.

The LOA is the official word that China has reviewed our file (dossier) and Piper's file and said "yes" we can adopt her. We have PA, which is preliminary approval, but that just means that they put our file with Pipers but they have not read them. After LOA we wait about 6-8 weeks before we go and in that time they issue two more items: TA (travel approval) and CA (consulate appointment).

Then, we go.

My friend Heather did get her LOA today and we are so happy for her family! She now will go before us, but she can tell me all the good places to hit :)

This also means that we will not have Piper for the holidays or before the end of this year. I cannot even begin to think about what that means because its just too sad.

Oh, and now I am off to take the Minnie Mr. to the doctor. The vomiting has continued and does not appear to be strictly related to cocoa. My guess is Celiac Sprue, which Mike's mom has.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cha Ching!!!

Thank you Jenny for making a contribution to the Christmas Fund. We are now over $500 on the chip-in, plus the $118 in direct donations. I am thrilled. I just transferred a payment tonight to send to Eagles Wings. Jenny Nai Nai showed me her "Santa" stash. It is covered with a blanket in the room...can you believe the kids have not even lifted the blanket?
Jenny and I "met" at adoption orientation. She lives in Macon with her police hubby. She switched over to the WC program a tad after we did so she is still waiting for her referral. Jenny, my heart aches with you. The wait was terrible and emotional...even the perfect little one at the end doesn't make you forget that (but, this side of the fence is oh so much nicer). I know good news is coming soon!

My Secret Pal

I am so sorry that I have been out of the loop this week. I have a sick hubs (only semi-sick in my opinion), a sick step-dad (he is the real deal), and a minnie man who is getting over a cold, has the worst chapped lips ever, and has just NOW figured out that chocolate makes him throw-up, not have a cough...ooops, the last 2 Reese cups smuggled one morning while Mommy was sleeping were the last straw for my minnie to figure out the connection.
So, I have neglected my blogging duties. I still have to post pictures, but I am playing hooking from sleeping so this is words only.
My great, super, wonderful, kind, generous, and amazing Secret Pal turned out to be Joy. I received a tiny hint in her last card and then to my surpise received the "reveal" at work. I was so excited! Joy is married with 2 adorable and gorgeous kiddos and is waiting for little one #3. She is great. Hop on over to meet her!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Meet Some More Eagles Wings Kids

Pop over to Piper's Promise to meet some more of the children that you all are helping in the Christmas fundraiser. Thanks!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Thank you Sue and Heather!

Two of my online bloggie friends have made contributions to the Christmas fund. Now with the Chip-in and direct contributions we have raised $598 for the kids to have a Christmas celebration. Thank you Sue and Heather. You gals rock!

p.s. sorry I am so far behind. I have tons to post that I will work on this week. Please pray for an LOA for Heather and me!