Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cha Ching!!!

Thank you Jenny for making a contribution to the Christmas Fund. We are now over $500 on the chip-in, plus the $118 in direct donations. I am thrilled. I just transferred a payment tonight to send to Eagles Wings. Jenny Nai Nai showed me her "Santa" stash. It is covered with a blanket in the room...can you believe the kids have not even lifted the blanket?
Jenny and I "met" at adoption orientation. She lives in Macon with her police hubby. She switched over to the WC program a tad after we did so she is still waiting for her referral. Jenny, my heart aches with you. The wait was terrible and emotional...even the perfect little one at the end doesn't make you forget that (but, this side of the fence is oh so much nicer). I know good news is coming soon!


Heather said...

I keep waiting on those fabulous letters LOA!!! I know you are too. I hope your 797 is back from immigration as well or you have another hold up! We could unless we get our immigration papers before our TA! The red tape is about to kill us!

Jenny & Robert said... brought a wad of tears to my eyes! :)
Sorry it took me so long but I'd been meaning to help. I agree. I can't wait to be on the 'other' side waiting, knowing and planning for that special day! I can't wait to hear the news your LOA has finally arrived. I just know it will be soon too.
I'm so glad the kids are going to have a special Christmas at Eagles Wing! Chat soon...