Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jelly Fish at the Atlanta Aquarium

The other weekend we took a trip to the Atlanta Aquarium with my aunt and uncle who were visiting. Mike used to work at the Aquarium and we all had season passes and never went. That was a mistake on our part, but at the time we were both commuting to Atlanta to work and just didn't want to drive back on the weekends.

Well, everyone still knows and apparently loves Mike because not only did we all get in, but we received all the extra special treatment that we used to get when he was there. It is just so wonderful to be on top of the tanks where the specialists are watching the whale sharks eat. And the belugas...oh, how I fell in love with them this time. It seems over the past couple of years that their personalities have really blossomed. I swear they interact and when we were on top of the tank they would watch us and "talk."

It is amazing and we are all so lucky to be able to experience this special sneak peek. Unfortunately, we were having so much fun that I did not take any pictures except for the jelly fish. They were beautiful and the lighting was just amazing. I could sit and watch them for the longest time.

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