Thursday, November 13, 2008

LOAs are hitting the US

No word for ours yet, but we are still hopeful.

Update: Surprise, Surprise is did NOT come. So, we wait some more.

The LOA is the official word that China has reviewed our file (dossier) and Piper's file and said "yes" we can adopt her. We have PA, which is preliminary approval, but that just means that they put our file with Pipers but they have not read them. After LOA we wait about 6-8 weeks before we go and in that time they issue two more items: TA (travel approval) and CA (consulate appointment).

Then, we go.

My friend Heather did get her LOA today and we are so happy for her family! She now will go before us, but she can tell me all the good places to hit :)

This also means that we will not have Piper for the holidays or before the end of this year. I cannot even begin to think about what that means because its just too sad.

Oh, and now I am off to take the Minnie Mr. to the doctor. The vomiting has continued and does not appear to be strictly related to cocoa. My guess is Celiac Sprue, which Mike's mom has.


Joy said...

I hope it comes! I'm not totally familiar with the waiting child process. Is the LOA someting you need to get the ball rolling? Is TA next? I know what happens after TA. :-)


littlemrs said...

Well, there is no law that says you can't have two xmas celebrations is there? You get to celebrate all over again once Piper is home with you! Heartbreaking news - but it does sound like you are getting so close.

Good luck with the Minnie Mr - I hope it's not his grandmother's illness - eliminating those certain gluten products from his diet could be a major pain!!! Hopefully you can get to the bottom of it soon.

Kristin said...

I am so sorry you were not in this batch. Truly sorry. I know this wait has been horrible.

I hope things went well with the doctor today. We REALLY need to get together. How is this weekend looking for you? The boys will be in Fayetteville at soccer mose of Saturday and part of Sunday. But even if they are here, who cares!! We just want to meet you and your little man. :-)

Sue said...

So sorry that you didn't get yours today. Rats. And I agree w/'ll just have to have a second special celebration when Piper is home! What a way to start off 2009 - with your little girl!

Hope H is doing well. Our niece has celiacs and is so much better. I think now it is easier to cook/prepare cause there are many products that are gluten free.

Heather said...

Bummer for sure! I am so sorry you did not get your LOA! This side of the wait has a whole new set of emotions. A face -- A name -- A longing -- An impatience beyond belief! I know we both wanted our daughters before all the holiday fun and still neither of us have them home. What a happy day when in fact we meet our little ladies.

And like littlemrs said- we too plan on a second Christmas should Lillian be short of home for the holidays! We already have the game plan sketched out!
Hang in there! I know your emotions must be worn out- mine are!