Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Great Day In Peachtree City

We had the best time a couple of weekends ago in Peachtree City. Mike and I both decided not to work and we took Harrison to the path around the lake. This was his first time with his bike out on the "open road." I told Mike not to worry that we would just jog beside him and it would be great exercise since we are trying to start running.


Well, let me tell you something....My Minnie Mr. and his Thomas bike fly light a bat out of you know where! I had to run full speed the whole time just to keep him in sight. Mike, the one who is actually training himself to run, immediately gave up, but yet continued to yell like a maniac every time a golf cart would come. Poor hubs is so overprotective!


For my PTC area friends, I do not even want to tell you what I saw in the lake. I still get "yucky" when I think about it. In fact, I over reacted so much to it that I drew a little crowd. Yikes!!!!!

Also, Harrison did not fall for real, but when I stood on the side and showed him what to do when he fell, he thought it was so great that he faked his fall about 20 times. Each time, I had to yell "Man Down" or I was scolded immediately!

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