Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My Secret Pal

I am so sorry that I have been out of the loop this week. I have a sick hubs (only semi-sick in my opinion), a sick step-dad (he is the real deal), and a minnie man who is getting over a cold, has the worst chapped lips ever, and has just NOW figured out that chocolate makes him throw-up, not have a cough...ooops, the last 2 Reese cups smuggled one morning while Mommy was sleeping were the last straw for my minnie to figure out the connection.
So, I have neglected my blogging duties. I still have to post pictures, but I am playing hooking from sleeping so this is words only.
My great, super, wonderful, kind, generous, and amazing Secret Pal turned out to be Joy. I received a tiny hint in her last card and then to my surpise received the "reveal" at work. I was so excited! Joy is married with 2 adorable and gorgeous kiddos and is waiting for little one #3. She is great. Hop on over to meet her!

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