Saturday, October 18, 2008

Piper's Promise

We are very excited as we prepare to launch a new blog site, Piper's Promise, which will be solely dedicated to raising funds for the children waiting for families at Eagles Wings.
Our first task is to raise funds for the children and nannies so that they may feel the love of God on Christmas through faith, friendship, food, and fun.
Please help us raise the money this deserving group needs so that they can provide when we physically cannot. All funds raised through Chip In (look to the right) will go to COAT through processing by Love Without Boundaries.
Times are tough for everyone, but I promise you that every dollar counts.
Update: Thank you so much for the donations that we have already received! We are humbled by the response. We are over 20% to our goal....whooo hoooo!!!!!

Hmmm, Can You Guess?

Anyone brave enough to guess what Harrison is dressing up in?

Super Woman Strikes Again

Remember my friend, Amy? Not only did she give me the support and enhanced desire to go after my dreams of an adoption from China, but throughout the process she has spoiled us and supported us like no other.

I just got a box at work on Friday that was such a surprise. It came on the PERFECT day and to be honest I was so bummed yesterday. When I saw the box, I just knew she was spoiling our little one. I will scatter pictures throughout...there is just so much!

I cannot believe that she found police officer duckies! Mike was so thrilled and Harrison is demanding they are for him. I have to admit though that the mini toilet paper THRILLED my hubby. Who knew the simple things could please him so.....ok, I knew....1/3 if not more of our marriage is spent with him in the potty (ok, good thing he doesn't read this).

Oh, can you see the t-shirts. They are too cute!

The bathingsuit is my favorite. I cannot wait to see Sissy in it!

Amy and I used to refer to another Bloggie mom as "Super Woman," but I think the title is more fitting for my friend. Who knew attorneys could be so darn nice????

I know that Super Woman is enjoying her new State, but I cannot hope that one day somewhere down the road we will live closer so that Piper and her BFF Meili can spend more time together.
Amy, I am so lucky to have met you and to call you my friend. Now get your @$# back to Atlanta!
P.S. Amy, my Secret Pal gave me the same exact stacking cups. I LOVE them and have never seen them before getting these surprises. I really want to be selfish and keep them for us, but instead (if its ok with you) I will take them to China as a Christmas present for one of the kids at COAT. I know you will be ok with that, but I just wanted to let you know and know how much I love them! I almost have a whole suitcase set aside just for toys for the kids! I am so excited.

Secret Pal You Are Awesome!

My Secret Pal has stuck again. She amazes me and always spoils me....oppps, is that supposed to be Baby Sissy?

Secret Pal you surprise came at the perfect time. Even more than the presents, I love the little notes that you put in the package. This one had a hint, but I am trying to be a good girl and not look at who you are on the address list :) Not sure how long I can last!

Ssshhh, I haven't told Harrison about the 1000+ stickers and immediately hid them. We are taking them to China Baby! I think 1000+ stickers will be great fun on the planes, trains, busses and hotel. Secret Pal you certainly know the way to my Minnie Mr's heart!

I LOVE everything, but I especially love the unique stacking cups. I have never seen anything like it, but the designer must be brilliant! Man, why didn't I think of that!

Friday, October 17, 2008

My Pity Party Is Over

I sat here for a while feeling sorry for myself. Poor Harrison wanted to play and I was too bummed to even get on the floor and play with his soldiers. When I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself and then for Harrison because I was preoccupied, I thought of the elementary and middle school age boys that are with Baby Sissy.

These boys get so excited when we Skype and they come to the computer to say hello and waive. A few even say a few English words. They are so handsome and have the biggest smiles. I would love to spend time with them and get to know them. Maybe that will happen when we travel to China. I am just not sure.

What I know for sure is that they don't have families and they may never have a family.
I have a daughter and Piper has a family.

True, we are not together, but we will be. Whether we are together as a family this year of after the new year, we will be together as a family. What if these boys never get that opportunity?

What will happen to their smiles and excitement?

What will happen to their hope?

If I want to be bummed about something, I think I will be bummed about that.

So, I picked my pitiful self up and my handsome blond little man and I hit his room. I am just starting to get things together and move them as we transition houses. Harrison's room here is much smaller than in the "clean" house and it currently has no decoration. I have been working on bringing over his cowboy bedding and a few cowboy things.

Well, tonight Harrison and I put a horse and fence on his wall. We think it looks great and really makes a good start to his room. I love corner beds...cozy, cozy, cozy!

We think it looks pretty snazzy. I want to do a lot more work in there, so I cannot wait to see the finished product.

P.S. Thanks for letting me have my little pity party.

P.S.S. What is that aweful glare on the wall? Is it my inexpensive camera or because I use eggshell paint with a sheen?

No LOA and Baby Sissy Called

The title says it all. No LOAs out of China this week. We are at a little over 60 days. There is someone on Rumor Queen who has been waiting over 174 days. If that happens to us, I am not sure I can emotionally handle it. Why would that happen to anyone??? uggggh!
I hope and pray we are in the next batch.
Maybe its the rainy day or I am just feeling blah, but the wait on this side of the fence just got bad. I almost started to boo hoo 100 times today.
Then, tonight Baby Sissy called. I haven't been able to talk to her for a week. I am so happy I was able to talk to her (Harrison was a beast again), but once I ended the call I felt like I could crawl in bed. I just want to sit around and feel sorry for myself.
Jenny said that she was very timid when Jenny came back. She probably felt Jenny wasn't coming back. Ok, that makes me want to crawl in bed even more.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Have Been Tagged!

Rule 1: Kristen from A Family Is Forever tagged me. I think it is to get me back for procrastinating and never getting together. See, Kristen lives within walking distance from my "clean" house and we still cannot get our acts together and meet (ok, probably just me). She is a mom to 4 kiddos, 2 of which are from China. All her kiddos are gorgeous and I cannot wait to meet her. Oh, and Kristen just as an fyi in Target I am always at the popcorn counter (feeding the family popcorn fetish), the toy section (chasing a minnie monster), or in the little girls section getting all moonie over the clothes!

Rule 2: Hmmm what to say that is appropriate to post....heheheheh.

1. I hate to listen to and return telephone calls. I am also a terrible pre-screener. It is so bad that at times I have 35 messages on my home phone. I have now disconnected the machine. My hubby hates this and attempts to counsel me as to my "absurd ways." My constant response: "phones are for convenience and I find it to be inconvenient to answer it at this time." He doesn't think this is funny either. I should be better about this!

2. I LOVE school. In fact, I really really love it. I would go back to law school in a minute. I loved every single second of it. I probably knew more the day I graduated from law school than I will ever know in my life. If I could afford it, I would go get another degree now. I think it may be an addiction.

3. I went to University of Victoria law school in Victoria, British Columbia for a semester and loved the area so much. It was the most amazing area that I have ever visited. I even flew to Alaska for a long weekend. Man, just to walk the inner harbour or hike in Olympic National Park was amazing. It was also an environmental law program....guess that part didn't stick because I just started recycling. I would love to live in this area and hope one day I can take Hubs there.

4. I met Hubs on a blind date. I had moved to a tiny town in North Georgia after law school and wanted to find someone to hang out with. I had tried out the 3 single men in town and was pretty discouraged. I nabbed Mike the night he moved back into town. On our first date he told me that I talked to much when I drank wine. It took me about 6 months to actually see him again on an official date. That could be, but I guess it did the trick.

5. This is getting hard...I am not that interesting. I am getting writer's block. Oh, I used to love to invest in real estate. In fact, my mom and I did it together. She had many many many more properties than me. It was great for a while. Being a real estate investor and then dying - not so great. Now, I am completely over it. No passion for it and no desire. Guess its just not fun anymore plus the economy is for the pits. Now, I am stuck with a ton of property in a faltering market. Pretty depressing and stressful. Anyone looking for a good deal on some property?

6. If I can pull it off, I will be the only person in my family to not have cancer. I am really determined to make it stop with me so that my kids and husband feel the loss of an entire family. First step, I need to rid myself of my Diet Coke addiction. I stopped when my mom was diagnosed because she stopped, but once she died I started back up. The problem...oh, it is so so so good and I love it with ice from a fountain. McD's has a lovely Styrofoam cup right now that makes a lovely combination. I can skip the rest of the McD's just not their nice cup and Diet Coke. Hey, its my coffee back off :)

7. I am so crazy in love with my minnie mr that sometimes I cannot see straight. I think he is just one of the most amazing little people that I have ever met and I cannot believe that I get to be his mommy. I am so lucky and cannot wait to really get my hands on little Piper. I wish that everyone could experience how amazing falling in love with a little child across thw world really is.

Rule 3: Hopefully after reading these 7 items, my bloggie friends will continue to associate with me. I tag the following:

Emily at And Then There Were Seven I know that Emily must be the best big sister ever. She is part of a wonderful and loving family that is about to leave for China in 9 days to get Kate. Kate was buddies with Piper at Philip Hayden. Emily is in China now meeting Kate!

Torrie at Small Wonders Torrie has two beautiful daughters and her youngest is just a couple of days younger than Piper. She returned from China a few months ago and has been a source of support for me.

Shanna at Our Big Crazy Family Shanna is a PTC area gal with tons 'o kiddos. I met her for one insta second when the Minnie Puker and I made our grand entrance at a play date.

Heather who just welcomed sweet baby George and is waiting for darling Lillian. She is a new Supermom going from 1 child to 3 in just a matter of months. Heather, I cannot wait to see pictures of the new minnie man in your life.

Jenny is still waiting for her little darling....waiting WAY TOO LONG. Hopefully there is a referral out there for her. Jenny was at orientation with me and lives in Macon. She and I have had fun complaining and comiserating during the wait :)

I am going to add the other two later. This has been in hold in my box for a while.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Falcon Field's Blow Up Aircraft Carrier

Falcon Field Part 3

Don't you just love the Minnie doing his Mommy imitation.

Falcon Field Part 2

I am posting these via email so I have a limit and need to break the posts.  Here are more pictures of our great day!

Falcon Field Air Show

This past Sunday we had a wonderful day at the local air show.  We had front row seats and it was so much fun.  Jack was in his absolute glory and Mike was hooked (it was his first show).  We were there for over 5 hours and Harrison loved every moment.  It was a breezy overcast wonderful day.  I wish more days could be this lovely.

For Janie

Yes I do exist and I am posting this under protest!

Have You Ever Seen A Blue Mushroom?

A Face Only A Mommy Can Love

My Minnie Mr. has so many funny faces.  When he is "entertaining" he is really a hoot.  Here are just a few of his oh so famous looks.