Friday, October 17, 2008

My Pity Party Is Over

I sat here for a while feeling sorry for myself. Poor Harrison wanted to play and I was too bummed to even get on the floor and play with his soldiers. When I was sitting around feeling sorry for myself and then for Harrison because I was preoccupied, I thought of the elementary and middle school age boys that are with Baby Sissy.

These boys get so excited when we Skype and they come to the computer to say hello and waive. A few even say a few English words. They are so handsome and have the biggest smiles. I would love to spend time with them and get to know them. Maybe that will happen when we travel to China. I am just not sure.

What I know for sure is that they don't have families and they may never have a family.
I have a daughter and Piper has a family.

True, we are not together, but we will be. Whether we are together as a family this year of after the new year, we will be together as a family. What if these boys never get that opportunity?

What will happen to their smiles and excitement?

What will happen to their hope?

If I want to be bummed about something, I think I will be bummed about that.

So, I picked my pitiful self up and my handsome blond little man and I hit his room. I am just starting to get things together and move them as we transition houses. Harrison's room here is much smaller than in the "clean" house and it currently has no decoration. I have been working on bringing over his cowboy bedding and a few cowboy things.

Well, tonight Harrison and I put a horse and fence on his wall. We think it looks great and really makes a good start to his room. I love corner beds...cozy, cozy, cozy!

We think it looks pretty snazzy. I want to do a lot more work in there, so I cannot wait to see the finished product.

P.S. Thanks for letting me have my little pity party.

P.S.S. What is that aweful glare on the wall? Is it my inexpensive camera or because I use eggshell paint with a sheen?


Bobby and Julie said...

Hello. I saw your post on my blog, and came over to visit. Great blog! I was curios are you adopting SN or NSN? Just wondering if you already have your little one's picture, I would love to see it. Hoping it happens quick for you!!

Anonymous said...

I love the horse, where did you get it from?

littlemrs said...

Oh a corner bed - oh how the little mrs. misses hers! Her new bedroom is just not the right orientation with the window in the wrong place. Emma loved the horse too!