Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hui Hui - Focus on an Eagles Wings Child

Hi Everyone,

In an effort to spread awareness of the need for support of the orphans in China and the fantastic work that the Chinese Orphan Assistance Team Incorporated (COAT) is doing, I am going to start highlighting some of the residents of the Eagles Wings Foster Homes. Please consider donating to COAT. Visit for more information.

(I cannot get her picture to post so I will update soon. Visit the link above for more information on Hui Hui).

Hi COAT family,

There are lots of you who love Hui Hui, so I will send this to all of you on the list. She is fully sponsored (a big thank you to all who sponsor her), which is great, but even better, she is a happy, loving little girl. Yes, she is diagnosed with autism, but this doesn’t manifest itself like it used to. Jenny Nai Nai “tamed” her and Chew Gim is keeping up the good boundaries in which she is secure and confident.

She doesn’t like to miss out on anything that is going. She has settled well in the new school at the new orphanage. It is run on a much higher standard than it was before COAT took control of the school….. COAT improved the school greatly and then handed it back to the orphanage and they are doing well with it.

Hui Hui has always loved school, but she ran into a big problem when we put her in the village school. The village teacher had never heard of autism, let alone know how to deal with it. It is much better for Hui Hui to be where she is understood. This way, she has a better chance of growing into the fulfilled adult we desire her to be.

So thank you for your love and your yarping over this precious little girl. Because of many of you loving her, she is a great kid today. She tried to keep a straight face for this photos, but got the giggles and I captured this lovely smile.

Linda Shum

President of Chinese Orphans' Assistance Team Incorporated (COAT Inc)

"I raised you up on eagles' wings and brought you to myself" Ex 4:19b

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