Saturday, October 18, 2008

Super Woman Strikes Again

Remember my friend, Amy? Not only did she give me the support and enhanced desire to go after my dreams of an adoption from China, but throughout the process she has spoiled us and supported us like no other.

I just got a box at work on Friday that was such a surprise. It came on the PERFECT day and to be honest I was so bummed yesterday. When I saw the box, I just knew she was spoiling our little one. I will scatter pictures throughout...there is just so much!

I cannot believe that she found police officer duckies! Mike was so thrilled and Harrison is demanding they are for him. I have to admit though that the mini toilet paper THRILLED my hubby. Who knew the simple things could please him so.....ok, I knew....1/3 if not more of our marriage is spent with him in the potty (ok, good thing he doesn't read this).

Oh, can you see the t-shirts. They are too cute!

The bathingsuit is my favorite. I cannot wait to see Sissy in it!

Amy and I used to refer to another Bloggie mom as "Super Woman," but I think the title is more fitting for my friend. Who knew attorneys could be so darn nice????

I know that Super Woman is enjoying her new State, but I cannot hope that one day somewhere down the road we will live closer so that Piper and her BFF Meili can spend more time together.
Amy, I am so lucky to have met you and to call you my friend. Now get your @$# back to Atlanta!
P.S. Amy, my Secret Pal gave me the same exact stacking cups. I LOVE them and have never seen them before getting these surprises. I really want to be selfish and keep them for us, but instead (if its ok with you) I will take them to China as a Christmas present for one of the kids at COAT. I know you will be ok with that, but I just wanted to let you know and know how much I love them! I almost have a whole suitcase set aside just for toys for the kids! I am so excited.

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Jenny & Robert said...

Amy is indeed a Super Woman! The cop duckie is toooo funny (I've picked up one of those quite recently!). Your friend is very thoughtful. Hope you get that LOA very, very soon!