Friday, October 17, 2008

No LOA and Baby Sissy Called

The title says it all. No LOAs out of China this week. We are at a little over 60 days. There is someone on Rumor Queen who has been waiting over 174 days. If that happens to us, I am not sure I can emotionally handle it. Why would that happen to anyone??? uggggh!
I hope and pray we are in the next batch.
Maybe its the rainy day or I am just feeling blah, but the wait on this side of the fence just got bad. I almost started to boo hoo 100 times today.
Then, tonight Baby Sissy called. I haven't been able to talk to her for a week. I am so happy I was able to talk to her (Harrison was a beast again), but once I ended the call I felt like I could crawl in bed. I just want to sit around and feel sorry for myself.
Jenny said that she was very timid when Jenny came back. She probably felt Jenny wasn't coming back. Ok, that makes me want to crawl in bed even more.


Kristin said...

Oh Ashley, I am so sorry. I hope your treasured document arrives very soon. I can't imagine what you are going through right now. but how great is it that you can talk with Piper??!! That is amazing.

Let me know if you are availabe on Sunday. Even to meet at Mickey D's to play would be fine!!!!

Table for Six said...

Hi there. Hopefully this week will be THE week. I am with ya for my pity parties... :O)
When we waited almost two years ago for our son (from China) I quit counting when we hit the 210 mark (and we had been lid for a while before our match)... it came shortly after but I thought I was going to passout.. and this time (for a son again in China) we are on 108 lid,122 loi,, 101 pa... I really thought that this would never happen twice... agh.
lets have a pity party together.. then we can rejoice together...
hopefully it is this week for a bunch of us!!!