Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Breakfast With Santa

What a special Saturday morning we had. The Minnie and I woke up early to meet Drama Mama and her family to go to breakfast with Santa. It was a magical morning for Harrison and Ava.

The day started off with the Minnie posing with an adoption house necessity - Toddler Adoption. I asked him why he needed to pose with the book and he said because it was very important to get a picture of it with the tree.
I am not sure if you can see, but Harrison just made the cutest John The Baptist out of a water bottle. It reminds of Wilson from Tom Hank's movie where he is lost at sea. John The Baptist is a keeper. I just know I will have him forever so I stuck him in the tree for safe keeping.
P.S. please excuse the tree as it is only about 1/10 decorated and we cannot find our box of Christmas ornaments.

Then, my scrum dillie picked up Dasher for a sweet picture.

Santa spoke to Harrison and Ava. They were both mesmerized. After having them sit on his lap and talking about what they want, Santa wanted to take some time to talk to them about family relationships. Harrison and I had really been struggling that morning and for the past couple of days. That morning I told him that Santa knew how he was behaving. As Santa started to talk, you could see Harrison's expression change.

Then, it was this exact moment when Santa was explaining to the kids that they have to listen, be helpful and be kind to their parents. Harrison knew....Santa heard! I love this shot. At the same time I was taking the picture, I mouthed to him..."I told you he would know." What a magical moment.

There is so much to share in other posts, but I want to end on another magical picture. The entire time that Ava was talking to Santa, she would hold his finger tips and rub back and forth. It was adorable. Even when she would get shy and not say anything, she was holding and rubbing his finger tips. It was pure magic. Take a look...


Margaret Miracle said...

Those are wonderful pictures!!! It looks like both kids had a wonderful time and made a cherished Christmas memory!

Sue said...

Both kids look simply adorable!!! That Santa is really great looking too!! (not like some I had photos with when I was a kid!). LOVE that last pic - too sweet! And too funny that Santa had your back mommy!!!! :)

PS- would love to see the John the Baptist craft if you can post a close up photo!

littlemrs said...

That 'hands' picture completely epitomizes xmas! I LOVE It!!! H is an ABSOLUTE doll - how he keeps getting cuter is beyond me!!! I wish I could have had a xmas cuddle this year. Minnie Mrs was at the store today and found some 'H cookies' (biscuits!!!!!! - that look very similar to oreos) She insisted on buying them - yet again - she actually doesn't like them - but managed to eat these ones just fine - not quite as strong a flavor. She misses her little man.

kaj546 said...

Love, love, love the pic of H giving you that look. It hit home that Santa was really watching!